Limited is your stay on the physical plane


The peace of Jesus be with us.

Attached to each other, victims and tormentors meet in the earthly arena. They are confronted by the consanguineous bonds, by the coexistence in the multiple activities that develop in the field of the life, without consciousness of the antagonistic feelings that unite them. They do not immerse themselves in the lessons of Jesus, seeking shelter for their souls, letting themselves be led by the vain feelings that perpetuate hatred and sow the pain.

Behold, it is presented to you the last opportunity on earth, planet of atonement and trials.

Each incarnate creature underwent long training, instruction, and incarnational planning, to plunge into the physical body with promises of renewal and transformation. But what we see, brethren, is the bankruptcy of the will of the spirit, which enables it to overflow its animality without the moral restraint of love, kindness and forgiveness.

The beings fight themselves in search of the perpetuation of pride, arrogance, selfishness.

Limited is your stay on the physical plane.

Render thanks to the Father for the opportunity, seeking the readjustment with the brothers of humanity, through the practice of the lessons of the Beloved Jesus, for He guides us and His Light remains flooding the darkness that surrounds the Earth.

Love, brethren, as Jesus taught us, as the Father loves us!

Magdalene, your sister.

Yes, I am the one mentioned in the history of Earth.


Mary Magdalene

GESH – 02/09/2017 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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