Love is the Greater Law that liberates!


Beloved children of the Creator Father!

Iniquity is poured out of your hearts!

You have chosen pain as the messenger of the end of this "atoning cycle"!

Renounce evil, adhere to love, and I will lead you through the "valley of torments" you have created.

There is no judgment of God for your acts, but your guilty consciences haunt you with eternal punishments that are not from the Father.

His Laws determine the progress of souls, and all the ones who are rebel, acting contrary to the Law of Love, suffer the sanctions of their rebelliousness, their choice, their ignorance.

I have exemplified Love and Forgiveness, a straight path to evolution.

But in the name of God you have slaved your brother;

In the name of God you have warred among the nations;

In the name of God, you have sown hatred, burned the fields, and destroyed peace.

And I say to you:

GOD IS LOVE, it's not war!

GOD IS LUZ, it is not darkness!


The dark seeds you planted are creations from your own hearts!

Hearts blackened by material ambition.

The "world of Caesar" is the transitory illusion, created by God, not to hinder your senses, but to provide opportunity for evolution to spirits, delayed sparks, which still run the first steps of the awakening of consciousness in the hominal kingdom.

My Brothers!

Come to me! My yoke is meek and I will make your burden light!

Love is the Greater Law that liberates!

I am the Love!

Come to me!

You do not know the creative potentialities of life.

You do not know the creative potential in you.

Awake! Love! Free yourself!

I am Jesus Sananda.

Watch for yourselves.

You are My sheep! Come to My fold!

Jesus Sananda

GESH – 02/09/2017 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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