With you we follow in the name of Jesus


Save Jesus! Master who guides us!

You faced an arduous struggle with a Black Knight, trained in darkness and wickedness. His mind has tried, insistently, to penetrate your minds, altering your thoughts, detonating feelings long transformed. Filled with hatred, he advanced upon you in the vain attempt to impede your steps on the path of Light of the divine Master. The Knight and his horde were slaughtered on the battlefield.

You were victorious, servants of Jesus, warriors of the Christ.

But there are others, and likewise they will march against you, fearless, hateful, fierce. Do not drop your guard in any moment. Keep your thoughts high so that with us you will be attuned and, through intuition, avoid subtle pitfalls planted around you.

Your Swords of Light, your shields and your armor will not be lowered until the last beast is killed, in this cycle that ends with terror and fear, darkness and violence.

With you we follow in the name of Jesus, marching through the dark fields, planting the flowers of hope, enlightening them with the Presence of the Master.

Save Jesus!

Save the Light!


Setun Shenar

GESH – 19/08/2017 – Vigil in the Shelter of Jesus Servants – Vila Velha, ES – Brasil

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