As before, I come to you


Clairvoyance: I saw D. Margarida very young, receiving us in a beautiful place in the open air, next to a beach that we saw in the distance. We were in the clearing of a beautiful forest.

She told us that Master Shama Hare had brought us there and that we should wait. We all wore very white robes.

There were many people, but they were all cheerful and in respectful silence.

At the head of the crowd was a table that was occupied by Beings of Light, which we could not see clearly. Soon after, Jesus appeared in the center. Then we realized that the Beings of Light were the Apostles of the Adored Teacher.

It seemed like the dawn of day, when soft light rises on the horizon.

When Master Jesus finished speaking, multicolored energy flakes fell like snow on us, and little golden Space Ships circled, very close to the happy and haunted crowd.

This is what I have been able to retain in my memory from the words of the Divine Master:


Brethren, as I once did, I come to you, to call you to communion with us the ideals of love.

Most of you here were with Me on Earth. Each one walking in the range of elective evolution to their choices; but already predisposed to take on new responsibilities in the path of spiritual progress.

Do not judge long the time that you had between the "encounter with Me in matter" and the present day, because for eternity nothing represents, and for the time that you are debating in the bands of spiritual delay, that time is still smaller.

Today, your souls present the brilliance of those brothers who have already found the key that opens the door to spiritual asceticism.

  Now here you are in the High Spheres, in My Presence and of the Brothers whom you have appointed Apostles, so that you may record our words in your souls.

You live the time of "transformations of the Earth, in its last rales of Atonement," and each one here present represents a Focus of Light on matter. They are consciences already awake and active in the work of "fishermen of souls".

Earth's "final rales" represent a greater share of pain and suffering for all mankind, which has not prepared itself with the lessons of moral evolution and love development for the announced "end of the Land of Atonement."

 Have patience with your fellowmen, but firmly seat in repelling evil.

Be humble before the Creator, but be determined as Warriors of Light.

Be faithful servants in the fulfillment of the Lessons I have left you, practicing them naturally in fellowship with your fellow men.

Sprinkle kindness and love, charity and knowledge, for the souls that are lost and ignorant multiply all around you, on both planes of life, demanding from each one a greater amount of effort in the practice of love, renunciation and faith.

Do not waste precious hours in the matter with whining, doubts, or unfounded fears, for everything that is contrary to love and the Lessons of My Gospel weakens your souls, exposing you to the lower bands where the tormented dwell in abundance.

Vibrate in joy and peace, courage and faith, for "all of you will feel the torments of transition," and the more faith and confidence in God's designs you have developed, the more spiritual strength you will feel to overcome the storms.

I assure you of My constant Presence to guide you, and of all the Brothers with me attuned, in the work of "planetary liberation."

Fear nothing, just work resignedly, until the storms cease, when you will enter the zones of Regeneration.

Your physical and spiritual bodies are tired of the intense struggles on the physical plane and the invisible plane, so more often you will be brought to the Upper Planes to draw more force, energy from Love, strengthening you, because the wars are going to become more and more intense as the end draws closer.

Those who doubt our words, we invite you to reflect deeply on the latest planetary events, and after just and logical analysis, make your choices of adherence to the Army of Light.

We are with you, do not forget!

With me you have been in this hour, you felt My Presence.

Go to the scene of the struggles that will set you free, aware that My Presence leads you in darkness into the Light of Regeneration.

I am your Master, your Guide and Pastor.

The Planetary Christ bless you.

  I Am, Jesus!



GESH – 18/11/2011 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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