The Prayer of Our Beloved Mentor John the Baptist


Oh, Beloved Master! You are to us the sun that never goes out. Wherever we are, whether in the deepest craters of the Abysses, or in the fierce struggles on the surface of the crust, Your Blazing Light feeds our days and calls us to progress.

From the loving radiance of Your Being, comes the call that our confused souls insist on not listening. Be Complacent Master, with our spirits still infantile, and grant us once more, the Grace of Your Presence, to which we thank You very much.

Humble, we beseech you to pray to the Father, interceding for us, so that we may know how to take advantage of the magnificent opportunity to be again, in Your Exalted Presence to learn to master our imperfections and tendencies; and thus, to repair the crooked path of our past, by the good choices of the present.

 Lord of Goodness, have mercy and compassion on us who still fear before the good, without understanding the eternal beauty. A drop, a tiny fraction of Your Love, will reach us with remarkable transformations.

Lord, make us worthy to receive it for us to process ourselves, the transmutation of the lower being into an angel's apprentice.

We know that only You are the Way, the Truth and the Life. Come to be with us, Jesus, in the intimacy of our hearts and all things will be given to us in addition.

And for the blind, who do not want to see Jesus shine in the Portals of Love, so that they do not recognize Your Merciful Presence to burn their arrogant pride, may they also have a chance to change, just as we did.

For all of us blinded by one or both eyes, deaf and dejected, we pray for blessings of bliss.


John The Baptist

GESH – 04/07/2009 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

Note: Message from John The Baptist’s book

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