A difficult night comes to Earth


Brethren, only the practice of love will be able to lead you out of the maze of pains that you have built around you.

All the ones who are far from true Love, lost will be; and between sorrows and regrets will struggle, seeking in vain for the way out. Do not think of scaping getting rid of suffering, but in solidarity with the suffering of others, seek to help them, looking for solutions that will save the greatest number of brothers. This is the testimony of faith and love in God.

Do not curse the Creator, because none of the sufferings you faced were determined by Him! Only from you emanate the destructive forces to which you give yourselves, originated from the infernal abysses.

All Goodness, Love and Compassion, the Father does not cease to send to humanity, the lights that lighten those who walk in darkness. Even in the dark nights, in the thick darkness of the chaos to which you surrender, seek in faith the bright beacon of His Love, for it will be the only means of guiding you in the darkness.

Dense night approaches the earth and unbelieving humanity will plunge into the darkness of their ignorance.

Blessed are those who, having heard our words, kept them as gifts from Our Heart, to apply them at that hour.

All who come to Me in search of comfort, guidance and protection, will find lenitives for their pains and, even if they suffer, they will be enveloped in the balm of compassion.

Lucky are the beings who keep observance of the Laws. They will realize that there is no punishment, only harvest, and to each one will be given according to its merit.

May the Lord of the Worlds, loving Father who watches over all, care for you and the destinies of this humanity.

Margarida - Beloved Jesus, all of us incarnate and the other invisible brothers thank you for the guidance, the warnings and clarification of the things that are happening and will do so. We know we do not deserve so much, but we are also sure that the Divine Mercy is greater than all and that despite our faults and imperfections, it helps us so that in this difficult time that all terrestrial humanity goes through, we can fight, putting into practice the received knowledge.

Thank you Dear Brother, Divine Master, for me and for this small and humble GESJ.

Master Jesus – Brethren, what you have come to elect as values valued by creatures, represents nothing for those who, like us, have already attained the grace of the Love of God.

We see among you the qualities necessary for communication, guidance, and protection. You are nothing but the others; You have only attained understanding, and they have not yet. We will also give them a friendly presence, when it is opportune to do so, and when by merit, seek to find us in their hearts.

As Friend spirits here we are; we are not those Unreachable Beings that human beings think and elect to idolatry. We are Spirits who are ahead of you on the evolutionary journey of life, and as we learn we serve our neighbours, just as we were once served by other brethren.

Beloved pupils of My Heart, I await you all in the warmth of My Love!

May the force of the Light radiate in your consciousness the fullness of peace!

Margarida - May itt be so, Divine Master, today and always.



GESH – 18/11/2011 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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