Gifts of Knowledge


Brothers, may the Peace of Jesus be with us!

The condition in which humanity finds itself reveals its degree of evolution. Despite material progress, the instincts that bring it closer to its animality still prevail from the moral point of view.

Wars, conflicts, domination, subjugation and other unhealthy and discriminatory relations indicate civilizations still in the primary stages of their development. Since there is no way to continue to feed the human genius with knowledge derived from the High Hierarchies, it remains for us to support it in the self-discovery of the only territory unexplored and not colonized by man: his own heart.

The organ of the most serious importance for the maintenance of life, the heart muscle is programmed to pulse as many times as the vital load allows the human being to remain in the experiences of matter. However, it is also the element through which delicate psychic energies flow from the blood circulation to be distributed to all parts of the body, irrigating it with the abundant effluvia of love sent by the Father to his beloved children.

Lost in the rubble of a tumultuous, aimless emotional life, the benefits sprinkled by the Upper World are little gain from men. In the face of the many gifts of knowledge that indicate the existence of extraterrestrial and Intra-terrestrial civilizations, men still remain trapped by the need to explore their own inner world, unlocking the entrance portals and the channels through which vital energy circulates, so that, full of life, understand that in the House of the Father there are many dwellings and all for one purpose: to allow the progress of creatures.

The pains are tools of unobstruction reserved for the rebellious and ignorant of the Laws of God. Therefore, study, but also toil and above all, love one another as Jesus taught you and you will learn to love God, an inexhaustible source of all Love that is emanated from extraterrestrial, Intra-terrestrial and earthly beings.

Save the Force that leads you!

Save the Divine Friend Jesus!



Extraterrestrial Friend

GESH – 01/04/2017 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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