This is the Incarnation Key


Daughters of my heart!

Many revelations you have had about the path traveled by your spirits in the last millennia. Whole lives dedicated to the practice of cruelties, which have led you to fall into the deep bins of the Abyss. The knowledge gained in this difficult and painful journey has strengthened your spirits on their redemptive journey, eager to reach the higher goals, solidifying the high ideals in the cells that constitute your soul. Developed faith drives your journey toward the liberation of the backward worlds.

After the expiatory stages, you will receive trainings, both in the spiritual plane and sometimes in the physical plane, remodeling your sparks in the Tone of Divine Harmony.

This is the "Key Incarnation", the one in which you "reach the note" to detach yourself from the backward dimensions and restart a new journey on more subtle planes.

All revelations, you welcomed them in your hearts, solidifying the will to progress.

Behold, daughters, the time has come to serve Christ.

Your spirits will no longer rebel when you enter the arena of torment. Once the lions devoured your flesh, and your spirits parted in fear, doubt, and rebellion, delaying this moment of deliverance.

The beasts that you face in this supreme hour of the planet are more dense and mortal. The world you live in is inverted in your Christian moral values and it is this world that you must face, spreading the Good News of Jesus.

He is present with you, at your side, in the confrontation of the evidence.

You have chosen the bitter hour of the Planetary Transition for your evolutionary leap. Do not fear the pain, the abandonment, the hunger, the thirst, the darkness.

May your souls remain with their eyes fixed on the Light of the Divine Master.

Oh, Humanity! Why did you choose Barabbas?

The working groups mobilize around the globe, organizing to deal with natural disasters, lack of water, food, sun.

Prepare yourselves, daughters! Pay attention to the intuition that comes to you.

The commitment you made to the Host of Light will lead you to the Renewed Earth.

We continue with you, leading, guiding and loving you, forever and ever.

Your Master Ramatis I am!

I bless you and I follow you at this hour.

Hail, Jesus!


Master Ramatis

GESH – 02/09/2017 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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