Brazil will change by the force emanated from each heart


Save Jesus! Save the Forces of Good!

No matter how bad the events that transform Brazil's scenario into a field of struggle and moral decadence, you have the certainty that it is necessary for the emptying of the "negative cores" and cleansing of the "ducts of Light" at the advent of the Last Judgment .

You live the moment of definitive choices, each casting your soul to the right or left of Christ. And within the tonic of planetary sanitation, Brazil must have its high vibrations at the right moment to fulfill its planetary function of receiving the brothers who, fleeing from their countries of origin due to the natural catastrophes that will definitively transform planetary geography, to reach their safe harbor, for the Heart of the World and the Homeland of the Gospel continue to be represented by Brazil.

The apparent chaos is the necessary cleansing for the advent of the New Age.

May the hearts of the simple and humble continue to pulse for brotherhood and love, uniting every cell of Light throughout Brazil, vibrating in unison for the balance and restoration of peace, united with the Forces of Good that work for planetary cleansing. In this way, we will be able to reach, in a timely manner, the superior vibratory levels necessary for the fulfillment of the tasks programmed for the Homeland of the Gospel.

Do not be discouraged in front of the bitter struggles, before the inversion of moral values.

We must fight for the implantation of peace in all quarters of Brazil.

It is the responsibility of each Brazilian to sustain the superior vibrations, guaranteeing the maintenance of the Sublime Energy of Jesus that pours abundantly on all of us.

Do not think that the unfortunate events of that hour are out of control.

The Supreme Forces of Good that direct the destinies of the Earth follow closely, interfering whenever possible in the events, so that the deep healing of the malignant tumor that has grown disorderly in the Land of the Cruise takes place.

Bitter medicine is already pouring into every cup of Brazilians, and true faith will be the impetus you need to reach the sublime frontiers of transformation.

Jesus is with us and His Light Force leads us to the liberating portals.

Brazilians, renew your faith in God, in Jesus and in every cohort of Sublime Beings who lead you!

Do not feed hate and war. Raise your thoughts in vibrations of love and peace, for in this way you will allow the higher energies that lead you, that surround you, to anchor in Brazil sustaining all in the painful process that you live.

We are with you! Do not lose faith, because the negative climax has not yet occurred, but we will not allow bloodshed or armed struggle in the Land of Cruzeiro.

Jesus and His Host of Light lead all the destinies of the inhabitants of the beautiful planet Earth.

Vibrate peace, love and brotherhood. In this way you will contribute to the renewal of the Earth and the definitive anchoring of love and peace in Brazil.

Hail, Jesus! Hail, the planetary Christ!

Can we make questions?

 Ismael – Yes, daughters.

 Question - I do not know if I can make myself understood, but while the Lord was speaking, I understood that Brazil supports the planet Earth in the planetary transition through the Cruise. So, would Brazil be a generator of Light for the Upper Forces to anchor energy for Planetary Transition? Would Brazil be the last refuge on planet Earth in the Planetary Transition?

Ismael – Brazil has an important role in the final moments of the Planetary Transition. It will not be the last refuge, but it will be the sublime refuge of anchorage of the Greater Forces, because the negativity that spills among you Brazilians, did not contaminate the Foundation of Light implanted by Jesus, millennia, in the formation of the planet.

The expanded negativity of the rebellious heart has not contaminated the Inner-Earth Light shafts, which anchor the Higher Energy that supplies the Earth. It has not contaminated hearts that truly have faith and that walk among men full of hope in a renewed future of peace and love.

For Brazil it is reserved the task of expanding to the World the examples of fraternity, friendship and communion among peoples. And the selection that takes place all over the world, is also made in the Land of the Cruise. Each chooses the field of struggle that wishes to remain, Light or Darkness, tares or wheat.

Question - I do not know if I could have the answer, but I would like to know if this incarnated team, responsible for the legal moralization of the country, if this team actually does the spiritual representation in the matter for that moment, or if there will still appear some being or incarnated teams that will lead this moralization on the physical plane?

Ismael – The facts in evidence and the creatures that stand out in the struggle of good against evil do not really represent the saviors. The greatest struggle runs in the intimacy of the heart of every inhabitant of the Earth, and it is not those leaders who stand out in the World who are truly responsible for the transformation of a people.

It is the people themselves who, taking the reins of their own destiny, decide to transform their lives, each one, into the Gospel of Jesus.

It will be the "wave of transformation" of Brazilians that will boost Brazil's moral progress.

There is a need for leaders, but they also make their choices and many have been falling through the history of mankind, not resisting materialistic and power calls, failing to tame the inferiority that dwells in each one. Porting, it will be the quantum of superior energy emanated from each Brazilian heart that will be able to clean up the country's environment, regardless of who the leader is.

It is not the responsibility of a single man to transform a country, a planet. It is the group of inhabitants that, renewing their actions in the Gospel of Jesus, will boost the renewing wave of the collectivity. Jesus, the Greater Master, leads us. To Him we serve and humbly bow to His Love.

Hail, Jesus.



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