Each one will receive what it has offered


Brazilian brothers!

The Cruise protects you!

From the sublime regions, the Divine Light radiates, keeping unaltered the destiny of this country as a barn of the world, homeland of the gospel.

The rottenness that spills from the blackened ducts - represented by all possible manifestations of human evil - is the necessary cleansing to the Earth, due to the acceleration of the Planetary Transition. The Intruder Astro is in a position to strongly influence the intimate souls of beings, forcing each creature to undress its masks.

The Foundations of Light will sustain the people prepared to receive the multitude of brothers of humanity who will find shelter and security as they pass through the Portals of Brazil. Each being will find itself in an appropriate place, according to its merit.

Do not judge that salvation will be to keep you alive in the physical body. The salvation of the soul will come through its transformation through the practice of the Gospel of Christ.

Hatred, wickedness and violence prevail among you, shortening many lives; nevertheless, each one will receive of the life what it offered of itself for the benefit of the life.

The Potentates of the Christ, Illuminated Beings who live by love, have come to you, brethren of the earth, striving to do good, renewing love for our neighbor, and strengthening faith, for the storms multiply and everyone will feel the turbulence of the nefarious currents that travel the planet.

Brazilians, take to you the reins of your destiny, avoiding the harmony with those who rebel against injustice.

Raise your thoughts above the rough sea and, in prayer to the Creator, keep yourselves balanced, courageous, acting in accordance with the Laws of God, ensuring that peace surrounds you around your hearts.

Do not wait for human justice for peace and balance for society. Guide yourselves by faith in the Christ, who leads all.

Arise from the sword of hope, from the shield of faith, and follow courageous, fearless, forgiving and loving as Jesus taught us.

Each creature will receive what it has donated.

Jesus bless you.

Hail, Jesus!



Angel Guide of Brazil

GESH – 15/09/2017 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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