Disclose the reality of the Intangible World



May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us!

Working for the spread of invisible realities is a task for the courageous. We can not judge our brethren of humanity for their discrediting of us.

When we expose the thoughts of our Elder Brothers and describe the sad realities that the eyes of the spirit encounter when they die physically or daily during sleep, when the spirit is disconnected from the body, we should not cower in the face of unbelief, for our greater duty is with God, with Jesus and with our own conscience.

We are those who have been deceived by various existences, by the lack of courage to apply the lessons of our Lord Jesus Christ in ourselves. But when we face our inferiority and recognize the evil in us, we want to merit the Love of Jesus and so many Sublime Beings that are dedicated to us, backward beings. We must then cast out fear, doubt, and march fearlessly as simple and humble collaborators of the great Work of God.

If we fail, others will come. But, beloved sisters, we must always make and donate the best of ourselves, to climb the infinite Mat of Progress.

Jesus is with us!

He, all Goodness and Light, sustains us in the humble tasks we perform in His Name.

Hail, Jesus!

Hail, the Spiritist Group Servants of Jesus!

Hail, sisters!


Chico Xavier

GESH – 16/09/2017 – Vigil in Jacaraipe, Serra, ES – Brazil

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