Get ready for the night work


Hail Jesus!

The pathways that engage you in the spiritual plane are too much dense.

Our warriors and cats drive you from home to the meeting center to the fulfillment of the tasks of each night. Those who do not take part of the planned tasks, taking many ways, even with the company of their Guardians, submit themselves to fall into traps set up by the Darkness beings or their own enemies – from the past and the present. The insane crowd wander and, even assisted, the worker willing to serve the cause of the Christ, without consciousness of his duties and his responsibilities could get lost in the invisible pathways.

The training of the mind while being awake, the wakefulness and the control of the thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions allow greater sensibility to the spirit when released from the physical armor and find himself free in the spiritual plane.

Not everybody awakes the consciousness right after the decoupling. However, we are alert to the sincere workers who are connected with responsibility, serenity and love to the spiritual tasks programmed to the Servants of Jesus.

The prayer before sleeping, the emission of a sincere thought, even a fast one, provide more safety to the spirit during the decoupling, even if the enemies lurk closely.

I am Zambi, your friend.

Few times I present myself, since our tasks must be anonymous. Our presence is quiet, but insistently think about me and feel the presence of the cats. Here I am, sisters, to confirm that I am always with you. Even if some tasks pull me away from this House, I am always back, missing the friends and brothers gained here.

Jesus bless you all.

Hail, Jesus!



African Warrior Friend

GESH – 15/09/2017 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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