The nightclub


Initially, I saw myself in a dark and smoky region that I thought was a suffering region.

However, I soon realized that it was the double vision of a region of the physical plane. It was a nightclub in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, something related to soccer. The owner or one of the owners of the club, I believe to be a football player.

At the door of that fun house, on the astral plane, there were two lizards, human stature, wearing a suit and tie and working as porters. It was all very strange what I saw and, to some extent, funny.

Some young men came and greeted them. So far so good, if young people were not people belonging to the physical world. I confess I was intrigued by what I saw. I could not understand how "this thing" worked. However, I have the impression that the young humans were seers and saw them as common porters, security guards on the astral plane.

We know that among the many abilities that reptilians excel at, one of them is to camouflage their legitimate appearance by introducing themselves to people in the way they want to impress them.

Then we stepped in and stood slightly apart. At a certain moment, the doors closed behind us and we were inside a large hall, where a red light prevailed. A thread of light in the form of a tube, which could not be seen from where it came, surrounded all the people. This thick wire or thin tube, after tying the group, bound them through the splenic chakra of each. It was like a necklace, whose people were beads and the bonding wire was the tube of light.

After this, I saw a strong "vampire-man," about six feet tall, who began to suck the energies of the group people through the light tube. At the end of the operation, having quenched his thirst, he retires and his followers, employed, undo the ligaments.

Soon after this incredible clairvoyance, one of the friends of the GESJ passed, by psychography, the explanation:


Endowed with extreme dominating skill, the Black Magicians dedicate themselves to organizing work groups that serve as an instrument of manipulation and use of the energies of incarnates. Meticulous studies precede the choice of "environments" and "groups of incarnates" that serve as an energy banquet.

Possible damages to the human organism of the donor are calculated so that the supplying source, whose donors, unconscious and involuntary, do not die and do not become sick. The whole organization, and imprisonment at a distance, represents employment of energy considered precious by the Magi. Therefore, the victims can not be discarded.

The chosen groups are alternated in the supply of the energies of their Lord who dominates extensive area, holding on their care several groups. While a group is reanimated, from the last "snack" absorbed by the Magus, it takes advantage of another group, and so on, so that upon returning to the first group that was sucked, its components have been given sufficient time to replenish the energies needed for another Vampire repast.

Many humans, "key pieces" for the ease they offer in the transfusion of energies, are carefully monitored, closely monitored in their daily lives so that other spirits will not seize them, robbing them of precious cargo.

These people are victims of attachment to matter. They believe they are immune to evil, because everything for them "works". Of course they are, indeed, protected by the Trevids! It strengthens in your subconscious the confidence of not being bad people, because everything good and positive achieve on the physical plane, with ease.

Sad men who in temporary goods lay their inner satisfaction. They are slaves and did not even realize "what" and "whom" they serve.

Many will be shocked to discover that all the time they lived incarnate, they fed perverse and dominating souls whose destructive tendencies took advantage of their energies to do evil in unspeakable acts.

Earthlings, take care of the precious things you have received. Pay attention to the careful and loving use of the energies you have received from the Father. These are meant not for your earthly leisure but for the constructive toil of the developing spirit on Earth.

Serve more, when doubt plagues you. Surrender to the Father your desires, for as nothing happens that is not of His Will, no design is ignored by Him, and it is only up to men to apply the Law of Return which states: "to each one according to his works."

Work and await the blessing of regenerating time to offer you the gifts of the progress of liberation.



GESH – 11/05/2001 – Vitória, ES – Brasil


Note: Message from the book “Os Reptilianos”

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