Mental attacks are coming!


ClairvoyanceI saw us in a room reading many books, studying with instructors. They opened our minds to the knowledge we already possess, mental abilities that were once used for evil, but that we will now apply them for good. The Instructor who accompanied me said that the knowledge already acquired in past lives is being further developed.

He warned us about being a dangerous and responsible job because we were perfecting a dangerous weapon: the mind.

Then we were quickly shown by a few beings we would fight. First, the place: they were in isolated caves in the Abyss, they looked like hermits. There was no one with them. There were laboratories and huge libraries there. We were informed that these beings were monks, magic scholars, hypnotists, illusionists. They have no armies but are mentally attached to the Beast and have been summoned by it to penetrate the minds and to change the tune of thoughts, to deceive and reprogram the reasoning.

I could not see the eyes; I do not think they have them. They wear black robes and their heads are covered, they are small and thin.


Hail, Jesus! Hail, the Force! Save the Light!

Sisters, it seems incoherent when a being comes and says: instruct you! Knowing that you are dedicated to the programmatic studies and the various readings that transform your spirits, it seems unnecessary to warn you about the need for unity, or even the importance of preparing to go to the Inner Cities.

We are warned, because in the confrontations that you will face from now on, much less will be required of your physical strength and much more of your intellects, wisdom, insight, cleverness of the mind prepared and enlarged, for the new beings that you will face will no longer be those with tacapes in the hands or skilled in the sword.

You will be struggling with creatures who have a highly developed mind for evil, which must be fought face to face, for all of you.

The great works that are being prepared will be implemented at the right moment: rescue works, defense of the GESJ, to combat the darkness. They will require much more of the knowledge you are acquiring than of the brute force, because it only oppresses and defeats the being, but does not modify it.

All of you will be used as parts of transformation of those who will face eye to eye, mind to mind. You will use swords, but the mind is the most powerful weapon to revolutionize the being.

Little by little, you will all attain this level of preparation, which will bring to the sisters great responsibilities. Therefore, you are ready, united, applied, but may love always be the main and transforming factor for all. Because if knowledge is not allied to love, it will be only the sword that hurts but does not transform.

John the Baptist among you.

May the light of the Divine Master Jesus be the star to guide us!

Hail, Jesus!


John Baptist

GESH – 03/03/2018 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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