To pollute the Fatherland of the Gospel is to corrupt one's own mind


Brothers, may peace and goodness overflow with jubilations of love in your hearts.

We are very happy about reincarnation in Brazil. Conscious of our obligations to the Greater Plan, we seek to lend the lessons learned in the earthly romagen to the administration of that nascent settlement, the "Brazilian Nation."

It was important for us to impress on the administration of the cities the concerns and anxieties of our spirit about the future by designating in the form of the official documents the guidelines of a life in accordance with the Laws of God which is also life in harmony with the Laws from nature.

Immersed in physical clothing (incarnated) we did not bring a clear awareness of the motives that moved our Brazilian soul.

Today, however, in the face of the distortions that the country has been taking, we feel obliged by our conscience to clarify that you, politicians, are custodians of temporary mandates, under whose responsibility are countless human lives and other forms of life.

Since the life is the work of God, your responsibility is immense, for the Father has entrusted you with the care of His Creation; you will have to respond on how you have faced such a challenge.

Spirits greatly committed to the Major Laws, taken with hope, promised to dedicate themselves to the steady maintenance of the rudder that leads the Brazilian Homeland, in the direction indicated, by the Compass of the Love of Jesus.

The intended north, is not a place located in some continent of your World. The point on which the road to the Brazilian Nation's progress was laid was the "exemplification of brotherhood" that other nations chosen earlier failed to achieve.

For this, your mixed-race population was lovingly reunited, withdrawing from the essence of each foreign people, the sublime virtues of the soul.

Successful, the Divine Project to create in the physical world an environment faithful to the high task of multiplying the ideals of fraternity took place, and became a humble, meek, fraternal, welcoming and joyful people.

However, even if imbued with the highest expectations, reincarnants, candidates to form the Brazilian people, have their free will, and, when entering the body of flesh, abdicate the important tasks and go through the obscure deviations of the soul.

Destined to be the Heart of the World and Homeland of the Gospel, Jesus, kind and just, bestowed on Brazilian society the presence of strongholds of faith, consolidating Spiritism on Earth. There were born illustrious Brazilians who worked and still work in the communication and dissemination of doctrinal lessons.

As a beacon to indicate the dangers of the journey, the Evangelical Guidelines guide navigators on boulders of unsurpassed hardness, whose confrontation easily induces shipwrecks.

A nation driven by politicians who do not observe the Laws of God runs the risk of losing its course, sinking in the murky waters of greed and corruption. Serious crimes commit the rulers who indulge in these practices, for on their backs they accumulate the burdens of groans of pain, cries of anguish, howls of violence, cries of despair and appeals for help.

Under their responsibility lies the recipe for broken dreams, murdered hope, and incalculable delusions.

Each unfulfilled commitment that modifies the course of the Brazilian Nation represents a heavy burden in the hands of those who have failed before the facilities of public life; they will be charged.

To hurt the ground of the one who is destined by God to be Heart of the World, is to make bleed the own heart.

To pollute the Fatherland of the Gospel is to corrupt the sanity of one's own mind.

As a Brazilian, I have come to call lucidity and straightforwardness of character, all who fulfill elective terms and lend their thoughts, voices and acts to the conduct of the Brazilian nation. Return to the direction of the country, for the violence of the imminent shipwreck will haunt you, on the threshold of the abyss in which you are.

Brazilians, who have in the intimacy of the soul, love of the Fatherland, raise your thoughts, words and actions in favor of rectifying destinies drawn to you and believe in the Purposes of God, for Higher Forces command all events.

You address fervent prayers for the "remediation of the political environment," from which the disastrous, selfish, and unbalanced decisions begin.

You send fervent prayers in favor of educational environments, so that the love of knowledge may again motivate teaching attitudes and learning conditions.

You address your fervent prayers towards health care networks, so that healthy living conditions favor the walking of debtor spirits.

Still in an attitude of earnest prayer, you address your thoughts to those responsible for the corrective measures of those who err, so that they have opportunity for correction, just as reincarnation gives you the opportunity for renewal and progress.

For all sectors, pray and observe the fulfillment of the Laws, especially that: "Love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself."

There is no error in the one who observes the guidelines drawn by Jesus.

I bid you, wishing everyone that the transition between the deviations taken and the route defined by the High, happen amidst the outpourings of peace that pour out on you at that hour.

Peace between brothers.


José Bonifácio

GESH – 02/06/2011 – Vitória, ES – Brasil


Note: From divulgation 61

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