Again you are called to the trials


Save the Christ Light that dwells in the hearts of those who strive to reach the stops of love and wisdom!

Brothers of humanity, the age in which you live returns, unfortunately, to the path of materialism that was once dominant in past centuries.

We observe that the teachings sent to the incarnates from time to time as drops of wisdom are gradually lost in the barren soil of the hardened heart of the materialistic man of today.

It happens that rationality is supplanting the emotive and regenerative nature of love and tenderness attributed to this noble organ, the heart. And this occurs in all times, because the spirits that descend to make up the earthly population present habits and knowledge acquired in other planetary abodes, which gradually, negatively or positively shape a society.

Therefore, in this cycle that closes, symbolically called "end of times", comes to term what has already been predicted to occur on Earth: the resurgence of violence, people's insatiable search for being surrounded by material goods, in the eagerness to satisfy their needs for shelter, love, company and security. The consequence of this behavior is the detachment of this humanity from the teachings that the Beloved Master Jesus bequeathed to his brothers.

Because of this emotional "hardening" and indifference that pervades earthly people, "Divine Pedagogy" resorts to natural catastrophes to break down material attachments, changing the conduct of a people who have forgotten what it is to love.

Another opportunity for change is through illness, which comes with the purpose of fulfilling karma. Through their pain, patients learn to forgive, support, nurture differences, and then begin a more fraternal way of living.

Search the history of the conduct of the peoples and you will see that behavioral movements occur cyclically among the nations and, at each cycle, there is a balance of spirits that raise their freedom, recover and regenerate, although they are less than those who have come here.

At the present time, the compulsory incarnations are intensifying, and the more violent karma is underway to give a more vigorous progress to this humanity. And so it will continue, until an ideal level is reached to cease this phase of planetary transition, allied to the moral transition. As a consequence, the painful expiations will end on Earth, resurrecting a planet and a population more suitable for the future.

This is going to happen soon, brothers. Be strong and faithful to the Father who rules everything, for your spirits have already been part of these atrocious events that you live today, in the planets from where you have fallen. Behold, now ye are called again to meet the same trials which ye have rejected before, choosing in those times facilities and rebellions.

May at this moment that unites us, the Light be present in your minds, strengthening the will to overcome and live!

Peace among you.



GESH – 31/03/2017 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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