You live a time of hard tests


Brothers of humanity, you live the hours of the most important decisions of your lives. However, all of us who help in the relief and relief work, seeking to guide minds still lucid, we find barriers very difficult to overcome, because insanity quickly contaminates the community. And those who could make their evolutionary leap, who could, even in this lifetime, reach a little higher levels, being in a more comfortable and happier situation, are lost in the midst of turbulence, being contaminated by indifference, selfishness and hate.

We observe that the planet Hercolubus is increasingly approaching its objective, which is the final cleaning of planet Earth, attracting to itself its related, removing the old masks, so comfortable, from the faces of those who say they are good, honest and christian. Hercolubus undoes all traps, destroys all the false good intentions that serve only to mask the dark intimacy, still revolted and hateful.

Families are crumbling by lack of understanding and by the lack of application of the larger and universal laws of love and charity.

Suicides, brutal murders, none of this is the fault of a planet; everything is only the exacerbation of what was already ready to hatch on the physical plane.

Therefore, we have prayed to all earthly humanity, especially to those who still believe in us, to hear our voices and to believe in our messages: stand firm in the humanitarian and Christian work place that you occupy. We make no distinction and we do not choose workers, as long as there is within you the sincere desire to serve, for to us the religious barrier does not exist, it exists only among prejudiced and sectarian men who do not see beyond the physical plane.

Stand firm, workers, for the barrier of protection that separates the physical mind from the boiling that exists on the astral plane is very tenuous, and this agitation subtly infiltrates, transforming people's behavior and attitudes. Therefore, you get surprised by some unusual behavior that is occurring before your eyes, because you do not expect a disproportionate attitude of a companion, a friend, a brother. This is because the barrier was broken and he failed to turn the dark stain into a bright spot.

The time you live is one of hard trials for all, and those who can overcome such trials will not yet reach the higher planes, but they will be ready to help support and succor those who are close to succumbing.

So, be the one who are reaching out to those who suffer, instead of being those who will need shelter, even with all the knowledge you possess. Remember that more will be charged to those who have been given more, higher law, universal and immutable.

The behavior of those who are at your side in the present day may surprise you, for you do not dwell in the heart of the neighbor. Therefore, we ask: patience, tolerance and understanding, but be firm in the application of what you believe.

May the light of the Master Jesus protect the heart of good will of all of you and of all humanity that still believes and vibrates in the words of the Master!


André Luiz

GESH – 17/03/2018 – Vigil in the Servants of Jesus Shelter – Vila Velha, ES – Brasil

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