Blind and deaf


Dear children!

So many were the warnings, the calls, and you, blind and deaf, relegated to a second plan the project that should be the most important of your lives.

You were called to change the course of your mind: to think and live sisterly.

You were called to revise concepts and especially to change behaviors.

Many tears have fallen from my eyes for you and many will still roll. My breast, the crucible of your anguish, was torn with compassion. I suffer with you the pains of this Planet, but I suffer much more because you have been deaf and blind.

You have chosen the pain, when placed before you the renewal.

You have chosen the blood and the suffering when placed before you the union.

You have chosen uncertainty, to be safe in the heart of your Brother Jesus.

Children, unite yourselves in prayer, cast your prayers to the intermediate spheres of this planet, send your supplications to the Father, and ask, no longer to remove the bitter cup of purgation from you, but the dignity to sip it with resignation and faith.

The Higher Hosts united with you, always emanate the Light of Love.

Peace always!


Mary of Nazareth
GESH – Psychography – 15/09/2001 – Vigil in Coqueiral de Itaparica, Vila Velha/ES – Brasil


Note: Message from Divulgation 30

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