The longed for Peace


ClairvoyanceI see Mary in several stages together with Jesus.

Then She arrives meekly with a bouquet of flowers. Coincidence or not, they are white daisies, which she distributes among us, speaking sweetly:


"Projected is My presence among you.

Daughters! The longed for Peace, which only a few seek sincerely and can expand beyond their heart, will only be achieved after strenuous struggles in and out of matter.

Man did not prepare himself properly to face himself, he preferred the illusion of matter to the immortal reality of the spirit.

Change implies suffering but the being prefers to dream and live on the planes of fantasy, moving away from the ways of the evolution of the immortal spirit.

Our adoring Master cries without ceasing for His pupils, brethren, beloved sheep, but they no longer listen to Him, for their footsteps have been interrupted by the exacerbated ego, the pride, vanity, arrogance, fanaticism, and other moral decays typical of this humanity.

You will awaken, beloved children, when the remedy is too bitter to force you out of the dream house, where you have established an abode. At that hour you will perceive the deceit, albeit very late, for you will be obliged to ingest it drop by drop.

The sun will shine brightly on this planet.

Jesus the Beloved Son watches over all.

I leave you Peace."


Mary of Nazareth

 GESJ – Clairvoyance and Psychography – 07/12/2001 – Vitória/ES – Brasil


Note: Message from Divulgation 31

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