Initiatory Portal


Astral travel, in 1992, with the vision of an "initiatory portal" in the heart of the master Ramatis and his words.

We were contemplating a beautiful night in July. The moon shone majestically in the sky, and a gentle breeze caressed our faces.

We of the Ramatis Group were gathered, singing the mantra, enraptured by the beauty of the night and by the climate of love and brotherhood there, calling for universal peace. From the breast of each one came flares of light, in the form of luminous comets.

I perceived, at our side, Superior Entities, dressed in long shiny robes. Under their magnetism, the whole group disconnected from the physical body, penetrating the fourth dimension.

We were transported to a large clearing, in the center of a beautiful forest. The grass like a real green carpet covered the ground and the trees were majestic. Climbers with delicate flowers colored that dream scenario. The deep blue sky was tinted pink, lilac, and gold in a magical dance of color as the star-king appeared on the horizon.

More and more concentrated, we continued our song for peace. Under the powerful influence of our guides, a second unfolding took place. We gradually became disconnected in our astral body, penetrating into another dimension, with our spirits transmuted into light, resembling the beings that led us to that place.

Our senses became sharper. We could see, hear, and feel, even at long distances, and the power of our will suffices. The sense of well-being and peace increased every moment.

With the sensory field expanded, we felt the beauty of the magic of that plane. Everything around us had acquired new clothing. The forest translated a beauty different from the previous one. The trees became translucent, and the flowers had their own light. We could see, through the trunks, the branches, the leaves and the sap bringing life to all the vegetable.

We saw a softly multicolored luminescence that radiated subtly in front of us. It was materializing, under our dazzled gaze, a beautiful Being. His body, bathed in light, embraced the whole forest. He presented himself dressed in a tunic tightened to the waist by a long greenish belt. On the robe he wore a broad-sleeved robe that reached him at his feet. The clothes were white and shiny. He carried a turban with an emerald on his head, and on his chest a triangle framed by a luminous cross.

His kind look enveloped us, and at that moment we felt like dear children of his soul.

So much emotion! We were in the presence of our beloved Master Ramatis. A mixture of feeling of love and reverence took possession of us. From the Master's breast sparks and speckles of light began to appear, and we could see in his heart, illuminated, pulsating for us, a Great Portal appeared, and we perceived that through His Love we would transcend this stage of our evolutionary escalation.

With a caressing voice, so the Master told us:



May the cosmic vibrations of the Supreme Intelligence of the Universe find resonance in our souls.

In this new cyclical moment, so important to Earth, we are uniting our efforts and working to rescue the Planet, to bring forth a new humanity of the structures that perish.

Soon, our union will be complete. Having torn the veils that separate life between the physical and extraphysical planes, in a cosmic integrity, incarnated and disembodied, extra and intra-terrestrial, together with civilizations that inhabit the Planet, in other planes, we will exchange experiences, searching for new alternatives for a happier life, more complete, in search of a greater reality.

All of you, inhabitants of Earth, are living decisive moments in this period of planetary transition when many spirits will be exiled to other Orbs, compatible with their vibrations.

The worlds and their humanities constitute "All Organic", however, each being has unique individuality and characteristics. In spite of the freedom that your free will bestows on you, so that you can, by your own will, know good and evil, there is a limit to it, and it already begins to cause a preponderance of evil over good, which will cause an imbalance, within the plane of planetary evolution, previously traced by the Sidereal Engineers. Thus, there will be no more conditions for learning, for a ransom, for those who vibrate in evil, along with the good ones. It is understood, therefore, that it will no longer be possible to have redemptive reincarnations, because then the imbalance will be felt.

As a consequence, for the continuation of planetary evolution, following the lines previously traced by the High, there will indeed be a need for the dump of these spirits, for a harmonization of the Planet to the new dimensions that it is incumbent upon.

With the withdrawal of these elements that impede the advance of progress, the Terran Orb will be ready for its journey towards its high destinies.

Your humanity is not alone in its evolutionary path. "Beings of the High Hierarchies" keep and follow your trajectory.

Your cosmic consciousness is awakening in attendance to a higher calling. Integrated into the Force, the Light of Truth and Love will emerge in your thirsty spirits of peace and wide horizons, and will unfold for the man of the third millennium.

New fields of work will emerge, and each one will act in the sector that corresponds to them, according to their experiences and aptitudes.

Pure and divine love will know no boundaries. All humanity will become a large family, which will walk hand in hand towards a better world.

Man will gradually attain Wisdom through experiences gained in successive lives, and, by his own well-directed effort, will reach higher planes. We can foresee a New World that will be created by the hand of man himself. The Earth Orb, renewed under the view of the Ascended Beings, will radiate positive energies, forming a luminous aura around the Planet, revitalizing and strengthening it.

You will be the heirs of the Earth, and Love, as the basis of life, will illuminate your steps and guide you always, towards the renewed future with which the Earth tomorrow will await you, and no matter how far you are, you will reach the shining stars that shine in the vastness of the heavens.


Master Ramatis

GER/GESH – 1992 – Vitória, ES – Brasil


Note: Message from the book “Light petals”

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