You think we have not heard you


Beloved children!

We hold in our hearts the cries addressed to us.

You think we have not heard you!

No lamentation or crying cuts through the air without us noticing.

If our action is not immediately felt by you as a loving response to the cry, it is because the paths that bind you to us are obstructed by the hardships of the thick karma, for which you have to pass with resignation, before reaching the requested grace.

We are not breakers of light; we are those who, having understood the lessons, submit courageously to their charitable power, thus having our spirits attained the release of the reincarnation wheels before you.

That is why, knowing the greatness of Divine Love and the perfection of His Laws, we can not rid you of the pain completely, at the very moment when you make your supplications. Only when the signal arrives, authorizing the rescue, we go to your meeting.

Before that, it is the balm of our love, the ointment of compassion, and the doses of charity that we breathe in your trials.

When completed the tasks of rescue, we leave you in the peace of the Most High, remembering that not only to get rid of pain, must the spirit move on the path of progress.

The faster advance those who live happily by extending charitable hands in the fraternal contest with the laggards of the way.

May the Peace of Jesus be the bulwark of your journey of redemption.

With love, 


GESH – 06/11/2009 – Fernando de Noronha, PE – Brasil


Note: Message from the book of Mary

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