What are extraterrestrials?


After all, the reader asks:

"What are extraterrestrials?"

"Strictly speaking, it's all beings that live off Planet Earth. In the thousands and thousands of inhabited worlds scattered throughout the Cosmos, we find intelligent life at every stage of evolution, from the beginning embodied in the grossest expression of matter, to the highest degree represented by beings embodied in matter so subtle that they probably would not be perceived by our precarious senses.

"Where do they come from?"

"They could come from anywhere in the Cosmic Space, as long as they could, by their own means, move here. The naming of their planets and the location of them would not make any sense to us, mainly because they can change their dimension, if needed, during the journey. However, the random entry of ships and beings from other worlds on Planet Earth is closed.

The "outer portals" that give access to our world were closed by the Great Universal White Brotherhood (GFBU), which takes care of the interests of our planet. Only one of them allows transit and is located on the Easter Island, in the South Pacific Ocean. This entrance is controlled 24 hours a day and it only transits aliens authorized by the GFBU.

There was a time when traffic was free, but visitors' actions were partially controlled. However, due to the occurrence of certain abuses, the entrance has become strictly controlled, just like in our houses, that we only open the door for those people that we want them to enter.


GESJ – Vitória – ES


Note: Messagem from the book “The Extraterrestrial and Us – Vol. III – GESJ”

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