What do Extraterrestrials want from us?


The reader asks:

What do Extraterrestrials want from us?

– In response to the seriousness of the humble work of the Ramatis Study Group (GER), we assert that they, our older and very advanced brothers in science, morality, technology, and love, have nothing to do with us in the material point. There are millions of them, anchored on Earth - in other dimensions, of course - and if they wanted to enjoy our natural riches, they would have done so long ago. But their purpose is different, once they have been always with us since the formation of the Planet, as true Gardeners of the Father.

GESJ – Vitória – ES

We transcribe a text that explains, in part, this objective:


The time has come for you to free yourselves from little knots that bind you to old and outdated situations of the old Earth. In the New Earth, which has begun to awaken in the happy dawn of the New Millennium announced, there is only room for love, freedom and purity of feelings, clarity of thoughts and rectitude of intentions. Therefore, do not change your attitudes, because they are different from those that constitute the current standard of behavior of the present humanity.

Exercise in mutual support and sincere understanding, in the social life that is healthy and indispensable to your human nature. Strengthen the bonds of friendship, developing the virtues of tolerance, patience and humility among yourselves. Harmony will come as a result.

Already you are living a new era, where the bonds of affinities that will bind men will no longer be defined by their karmic connections and painful debts. The ties that will unite the men of the New Earth will be more beautiful and simple; will spring forth from their hearts leading new paths in a gentle and delicate way. They are reunions converging to new constructions, today more solid, since they are fruits of relations matured through several experiences throughout the millennia.


Ismael, an Extraterrestrial

GER/GESH – Vitória – ES


Note: Message from the book “The Extraterrestrial and Us – Vol III – GESJ”

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