Hail the Earth Friend!


Oh Earth! Dear mother,

who fed me in Your bosom,

in Your lap you have enveloped my body,

to walk in your soil and progress.


Today you feel the pains that hurt you to death,

which slowly boils for a breaker,

in the throes of pain, reborn beautiful and pure,

to covet again,

no more the beasts to steal your strength,

but rather, a Friend to shelter a new people

who will know how to love, care and thank you for your generosity,

in food and maintenance of life.


Through various worlds I ran,

but here I learned to revere the Divine Creation.

And Earth, my dear mother, in the midst of so many successes and failures,

you held me up to the end,

and therefore forged in the forces of Your sublime energy,

my cells are impregnated with Your ether,

and no matter how many worlds I travel,

Your image will be carried with me,

for Your memory is in the memory of my body.


Save Earth Friend!

Mom and teacher, see you soon!

Now clad in new light,

who in the universe will no longer receive the cries of those who suffer,

but hosanna of those who thank Your presence.


Divine Father, to You I am grateful to be able to make part of the story the Blue Jewel!


Eça de Queiroz

GESH – 01/10/2016 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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