We are "fishers of souls" in the name of Christ!


Clairvoyance – I see Hercolubus (the Intruder Astro, Nibiru) and several exiles in its bosom. The heat is incredible.

After a while, I got the following message:


The Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not want.

Brothers, we pray for Brazil!

The evil minds try to cause mass bloodshed. The Darkness, who thinks they have snatched the hearts of the ignorant, rebellious and proud, whose moral decadence keeps them in the lower reaches, plans to start armed war in the Land of Cruzeiro.

Free will drives the humanities of backward planets, but there are Superior Forces and Universal Laws that govern the Worlds and their humanities, and nothing will happen that is not of the Greater Will of the Creator Father.

Intensive prayers for peace, fraternity and union of peoples!

We are the Army of Christ and the planet is our work arena!

We are "fishers of souls" in the name of Christ!

Peace and love.


Paul of Tarsus

GESH – 16/03/2018 – Vitória, ES – Brasil  

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