The Fall of a Worker


How many children do I see torn from the loving bonds that surround them.

Beloved children, reflect on the happy existences of the future, on behalf of which, any present sacrifices, will be welcome.

Do not think so short-lived happiness, nor so small that would fit in the unique thimble of a single existence.

Happiness is sometimes hard to build, and so you have chosen when you have opted in the past to follow tortuous paths, far from the course.

Would you now like to return to the original route, without however, wasting your strength to resume the journey?

The further you move away from the ways determined for the redemption of creatures, the greater will be the efforts undertaken to take it back. Therefore, sustain the force that keeps you up in the struggle to overcome the earthly vicissitudes.

You have chosen for yourself, the incarnation of arduous trials, in difficult and contradictory times because this should be so that humanity itself may resume its trajectory, which has long been distorted from the original route.

This delinquent humanity, too, would have to pay, with painful and rude efforts, the time lost in insane and inconsequential raving.

As a collectivity, you will be brought back to the paths of sublime evangelization, for with love you were called through the sweet presence of Rabbi Jesus.

However, when you have chosen the deliverance of the murderer, you have imprisoned your souls in the deception of silence and non-acceptance of the sublime and pure messages of the Cosmic Christ.

As humanity, once again you have had opportunity to correct the sad route that you have adopted in the mistakes of the past.

The time has come to reap, through pain, the correction that is needed before your orb goes mad.

There are so many creatures that, in need of correction, more and more wallow in the murky puddles of hideous and fearsome astral. There is nothing more that can be done, except the correction of the route envisaged by the Light Corps.

Do not fear anything, for the painful correction will belong to the one who is farthest away. The closer to the path of good is the creature, the greater is its understanding and the deeper the understanding of the designs determined by the Father.

Here is your task, to strive to get as close as you can to the happy route of the Light Server and to desire it so that you do not suffer any more. As the Angelic Hosts receive you in Their Light, you will realize that the most urgent and greatest importance of your heart is that which refers to the possibility of helping the needy neighbor, estranged from the Father.

Each one of you, converted to the Light, represents salvationist support and resource to dozens of suffering and relief workers in the dark. Therefore, reflect on the fact that equally the fall of a worker represents the delay in the lifeguard service and the clarification of tens and tens of brothers suffered.

Calculate now, through the same reflection and without judgment of the reasons or weaknesses of others, the number of needy brothers that we are leaving behind by simple withdrawal, disturbance and mental confusion of various workers of the Light. Overload for those who persist in the redeeming service .

Not that those who continue to work are complaining, but each one has its own limit, being unable to do more than its strength makes possible.

My brothers! Try to undo the knots that enter the walk as soon as possible. Resist the onslaught of evil, for you spontaneously accepted the responsibility entrusted to you. Now incarnated, it is necessary that you carry it, although for this you need to tame your still primary personality.

It is my wish that all my beloved children reflect on what I say to you. All who have gone and who are in a spiritual task guided by Master Jesus, whom I serve.

Your Master




GESJ – Psychography – 08/05/2000 – Vitória/ES, Brasil


Note: Message from divulgation 28

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