Peace and Love sprout from your hearts


Beloved disciples!

As a small cell of the family of this earthly humanity, what happens among you manifests itself in all geographic latitudes.

Human beings, as apprentices of the Universal Laws, clash, in search of balance and peace. They mistakenly think that they will find sublime feelings from the outside to within themselves. Peace and love are feelings that sprout from within the soul, spilling around, bringing harmony to the environment.

As men sway, in the pursuit unbridled for economic stability, for the acquisition of material goods, for comfort in their homes, they leave behind the extraordinary opportunities to pacify human coexistence.

What happens in the micro, happens in the macro. What happens among the small cells of families reverberates for all humanity.

Beloved disciples, for millennia we accompany the development of your souls, seeking to achieve the Sublime Chords of Peace, Love and Harmony with the Universe of God and, as much as we dedicate ourselves to instruct you, your ego exacerbated blind your soul, and in this way you can not see the horizon of light, so close.

Get rid of the “I”!

Sacrifice yourselves for the whole of humanity in which you are inserted!

Work, anonymously, voluntarily and for love of humanity, your neighbor, in the Seara of Jesus, awakening souls, supporting suffering, helping as many as come to you repentant, confused, needy.

This is the little effort to serve!

And in this little endeavor to serve, you will develop within yourself the desired balance, when peace and love will spring forth in the profusion of your hearts. In that moment, then, you will reach the end of the incarnation stage, happy for the victory of the spirit on the matter! However, as long as you reflect upon the world of Caesar, you will fail in the liberation of your immortal spirit.

May each of you, with a conscience awakened to the necessity of progress, make an analysis of your actions, if they are in accordance with the Laws of God and with your commitment to the Sublime Spheres, of work and renewal of your soul.

Continue to work without giving up, fighting against your own imperfections, strengthening you in the work to confront with courage, faith and love, the last proofs of this expiatory stage.

To give up is a fatal fall, with grave consequences, for the responsibility you have taken before the Divine Consciousness, our Father Creator.

Onward, beloved disciples!

Let no force be able to interrupt your steps towards the progress we desire.

Jesus is our Shepherd and we shall not want.

Hail, Jesus! Hail, the Light that guides us!

With love we will guide you to the end of time!



GESH – 03/08/2018 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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