Open your hearts to your Guides and Protectors


Beloved children of the Father!

My love embraces the multitude of sinners!

My presence with you is constant, for I do not turn away from you, pleading with the most loving Father that you see Me!

My beloved brethren of earthly humanity, another humanity, invisible to your physical eyes, yet vibrant with you in emotions, is advancing upon you. Ignorant, backward creatures who stood for millennia trapped in ignoble and cruel feelings of hatred and revenge!

These wicked beings, who are our backward and ignorant brothers, wish to drag you into insane acts, stimulating your animalized feelings, which you have not yet been able to sublimate.

No matter how great the efforts of your Guides and Protectors are - who in My Name help you, fulfilling God's Greatest Will - they can not reach your hearts, to make you develop the sublime virtues of charity, love, forgiveness, fraternity and of humility, keeping you unscathed from the heavy influences.

I come to urge you to love one another, as the Father loves you, as I love you!

Forgive your enemies and help the suffering!

Behold, the "closing of the planetary cycle of atonement and testing" is presented to you, and the Regenerate Planet will host a new humanity. To be part of the contingent of the New Planet, you must follow Me!

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life!

No one goes to the Father, but through Me!

Come brothers, have Me and I will lead you to the Kingdom of Heaven!

Your Brother,



GESH – 04/08/2018 – Vitória, ES – Brasil   

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