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For some days I have been thinking about the possibility of writing some words for the presentation of our book (Nostradamus), small in number of pages, but great in its content:

I worried so much about the subject that I found myself humming a very old song, recorded by Carmem Miranda. Here it is:

Announced and guaranteed

That the world was going to end

Because of that

My people from home

Began to pray


And they even said that the sun

Was going to be born before dawn

Because of that tonight

There on the hill the people did not party.


I believed in this soft talk.

I thought the world would end

I was trying to have fun

And without delay I started

To enjoy ...


I kissed mouths

Of whom I should not

I took hands.

Of whom I did not know

I danced a samba

In a swimsuit

And the world

It's not over ...

My God what horror!... 

I quoted the song because, in a recent message, one of the GESJ spiritual instructors reminded me of it. And I wonder: why do people insist so much on knowing the date of the terrible event?

Why so much interest and concern?

They say, when we ask that it is mere curiosity?

So why know the date of the day we are going to die?

All beings of nature, including the human being, at birth, is already walking towards death.

Are the anxious going to change the course of the Divine Designs?

Will they make testament of the possessions they possess and can not carry?

But, leave it to who, if everyone is part of the same situation?

Do they plan to hide in some cave, forgetting that they will disappear, being destroyed as well?

"There will be no stone left on stone," words of the Divine Master. So if you can not take it, if there is no one to inherit, of course the majority will enjoy them without brakes, without responsibilities, giving vent to their bestial instincts. From there, the chaos will settle.

And this, the Father does not want.

We were born with fate to die one day, whether alone or collectively. What matters, in any circumstance is that as an inhabitant of the physical world, we live according to the sublime lessons of the Gospel of Jesus.

May we live today as if it were our last day of life on the face of the Earth: loving God above all things and our neighbor as ourselves.

Knowing the day and time of the "great journey" is not at all pleasing to our humanity.

As a daily script, read with great care the poetry "Divine Presence", included in the presentation of this humble work.

Much peace, love and forgiveness.


Margarida Pinho Carpes

President of GESJ (27/11/1923 – 15/11/2014)

GESJ – 2011


Note: Message from the book “Nostradamus” 

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