Love and light!


Dear brothers and sisters, tonight let us join in prayer to the Creator Father so that this study may be performed in the light of His Divine Love.

Dear Father, Beloved Father, we ask Your blessings especially in this hour when the minds of those who gather here are touched and that they may absorb the information they will receive.

Father, may we be instruments of Your Peace and of Your Love today and always.

I, Natan, have been instructed to instruct you tonight and the subject is Intra-Terran Civilizations.

- First of all, let's define what is Intraterrestrial.

Intra - It means Interior.

Terrestrial - inhabitants of the planet Earth.

– Who are they?

They are people in different degrees of evolution like terrestrials, with the difference that they do not mix: advanced beings live in advanced cities, beings in an evolutionary state and primary beings, each in its habitat, compatible with its vibration.

- What does it mean to be advanced?

They are those who are now in a more developed degree of moral, spiritual, and scientific development, fully aware of the existence of God, knowledgeable of the Divine Laws, but above all respect them first. They do not use their free will to transgress or violate these laws.

- And beings in an evolutionary state?

They are those who, knowing the Laws, do not practice them in their integrity, they know them, but still use their free will to satisfy themselves. They respect the laws according to their conveniences and are still subject to participate in the karmic wheels. Their scientific development is of a medium level, in order that it does not compromise their future.

- Inner Earth Primal Beings, how are they?

Many of these beings, quite primary, are completely unknown to the Divine Laws and act as autonomous, their needs are very primitive and linked to matter to defend their space or their properties. They do not hesitate to act aggressively, cruelly, for in them the need for power is much greater than the need for love. Some still have an animal form, others a little different, but in essence the will prevails before the sense of respect and love.

- How do you get to these civilizations?

Access portals to these sites are camouflaged when they are on the earth's surface, such as caves, craters, volcanic cavities, mountain, meadow or small hill in certain regions. Many entrances lie deep in the oceans.

- Is there interconnection between these civilizations?

In some points yes, but most of them are independent.

- Is access and transit allowed, that is, free access between civilizations?

Yes, when these are on the same evolutionary level. The evolved peoples are allowed to exchange with civilizations in a lower evolutionary state up to primates, but these are forbidden to migrate to a more evolved civilization because, as is well known, the evolution of being does not jump. To the one who reaches the summit of the mountain, it is the task of guiding, and, if needed, descending to the needs of those who seek the Light with sincerity and purity of heart. Even in the scientific field the progress of uncivilized worlds is by the "infiltration of evolved beings" who have chosen as their mission to help them.

- What is the need to publicize the existence of these civilizations?

The Earth, according to its Divine Programming, closes a cycle of 2160 years and also parallel to this one, a much larger one, because it is not only of the planet Earth, but of the whole Solar System, Galactic, where together with the Earth all complete this cycle of 26000 years. It represents for the Earth the passage from the third to the fourth dimension, but this passage is successive, since for some planets it represents from fourth to fifth, others from fifth to sixth, sixth to seventh, and so on.

– But then tell me the need for disclosure, to become known about the inhabitants of the Earth's surface?


Everything I have said before, that is, the planetary transition brings with it many physical, moral and spiritual shocks to those who are involved in it. Complete bewilderment of climate, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, major earthquakes. It would be like preparing for a change where everything is removed from the place, the selection is made, the needs are prioritized; then sweeps, shakes dust, sprays, sucks, washes, dries, waxes and then when everything is clean and ready, go slowly, rearranging, structuring, until everything returns to normalcy, calmer, more subtle, happier.

- What is the role of the Intra-terrestrials in this context?

The guardians of the good seeds, guarding those who pass through the selection, that is, the wheat, prepare it for when they return to the fertile house, all, without exception, fulfill, play their part.

- We still have many questions.

Do not worry, we will come back and be sure that throughout these lectures will be clarified.

We thank God our Father for the gift of this encounter that has allowed us to advance in our task and to bear the seed planted here today.

Thank you all.



(An intraterrestrial)
GESJ – Jacaraipe/ES – 14/01/1999

The Group Mentor is Ramatis

Note: Message from divulgation 19

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