Through the heart!


Good night, brothers!

I, Natan, return to the word.

God, our Father, has kindled in us the flame of wisdom so that we may assimilate His teachings and spread His Truths.

- How do you get to the Intraterrestrial Portals?

Through the heart. I mean, the surface terrestrials that today have free access to the Intras centers believed in the existence of these worlds, they accepted this truth and wanted to seek it with determination. They searched for and attracted to themselves the evolutionary waves of the Intras Centers and first telepathically captured their first signs. With the acceptance and permission of these beings their unfolded bodies were able to visit those Centers. They were adapting one to one of the bodies of these brothers, acclimatization, energization and harmonization, so that the contact of dimensional origin could happen later.

– But how did they get to the entrance gates? Who guided them?

Just as today you have me to instruct you, these brothers also had their affine brother, who prepared and guided them properly in all trajectory. Much sacrifice and physical and mental effort is demanded of the one who seeks contact and accepts it, since the Portals of access to the Intras Centers are in places strategically located, difficult to locate and access to safeguard, since what is not lacking among you are people speculators and sensationalists, as well as immoderate scientists and rulers who would not miss any opportunity to rise and increase their false power, bringing those Centers unbalanced, as well as installing disorder and chaos among peoples, which are pacifist in nature forced to fight to keep their "house" in order.

Many people accept the challenge of visiting us, knowing our socio-political organization, our science and technology, but they are half way, because it is necessary to subtilize the bodies, which demands a frugal diet and fast, lots of natural (good) water, lots of faith and humility, because the walk does not take place in beautiful transports. When there are no strong-drawn vehicles, it is done on the back of animals and most of the walking on foot, for there are certain trails, cracks in rocks and caves, that only the conscious determination of being would make them cross obstacles and many multiple ways to circumvent, or rather, confuse the "smart" of your surface.

– Is there any kind of preparation for the entrance of those who can reach the Portals?

Yes, the Intras centers have a vibrational energy different from the surface and, as I have already said, a whole preparation is made with the one who "candidates" for a non-extra-physical contact with us.

The stages themselves, to which they have to pass, favor the acclimatization and subtilization of bodies.

During the descent, that is, between the door and the Centers, there are several energizing, balancing, detoxifying and disinfecting steps. Magnetized water baths, bath of lights, electromagnetic passes, crystal chambers and any more if the candidate is "Brute stone", but if it is one of our infiltrated or transmigrated to surface, they only return to the body that was protected in its own chamber when of its ascent to the terrestrial surface.

We thank the Father for this meeting and may it be just not a lesson for you, but a breath for knowing that beyond this one you have other infinite dwellings.

May God protect you in the Peace of the Master Jesus.




(An intraterrestrial)
GESJ - Jacaraipe/ES, em 21/01/1999


Note: Message from Divulgation 19

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