In this communication, we bring information about the negative beings with whom you have some contact in your spiritual tasks.

Knowledge is necessary so that you can acquire awareness about the condition of these brothers, their local characteristics, ways of acting and at the same time learn how to protect themselves from their eventual attack. We can thus classify them:

1º) Dark beings that act only on the Lower Astral Plane;

2º) Obsessors of the Lower Mental Plane;

3º) Black Magicians;

4º) Extraterrestrials of low moral evolution.

The first category is formed by beings who can only transit in the lower Astral plane and there they develop their evil actions.

They can be subdivided into:

a) Chiefs or commanders

b) Beings that work in exchange for offerings. They are strongly attached to material life and therefore are capable of performing any abominable act to obtain "gifts." They are mercenaries and act by contract or on their own in order to achieve the things they like: liquor, blood, meat, sex, drugs and others. These brethren remain more and more rooted in the lower planes.

c) Obsessors who are caught up in past events and actions in which they were greatly harmed and hence do not forgive their offenders. They are still full of hatred and desire for revenge. They are widely described in the Spiritist literature.

d) Others, including a great variety of spirits that are very low in vibratory level and are used by the strongest and most astute in their perverse activities, as real robots (we deal with this type in our meetings of disobsession).

The second category is that of the obsessors who act in the minds of the people. They travel between the Astral Plane and the Lower Mental Plane. They can cause considerable damage to the invigillant, insecure, rationalistic and crystallized minds in some negative sentiment or goal.

The third category is made up of Black Magicians, beings that developed and reached the management of the most varied hidden techniques. They are connoisseurs of the mysteries of magic and have vast knowledge in the transit between the lower planes. They can easily manipulate human beings from the physical and spiritual planes of medium evolution. They fascinate people by acquiring power, possessions, and easy material victories. They know deeply the human personality and use their pride and selfishness to enslave it. They are aware of the path they have chosen and do not harbor remorse, taking pride in their relentless powers. As for the fourth category you have already been informed on another occasion.

Watch, children, for your actions, feelings, words and thoughts, keeping your vigilance firm.


An Instructor

 GESH – 19/02/1999 – Vitória, ES – Brasil


Note: Message from divulgation 22

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