We transcribe the message that tells us about the 4th category. It was received at Xique Xique do Igatu on December 27, 1998, therefore earlier than the one transcribed in the Weekly Message 3803.


We have come to bring you information necessary for the development of your work.

It is necessary for all Beings involved in the work of the Christ and in the redemption of this Planet to be aware of the events that occur on the occult and inferior side of this surface humanity.

There are a number of beings called Reptilians, coming from other orbs, decayed innumerable times from different planets, who have been given numerous opportunities for work and evolution, but which, unfortunately, have not yet reached a minimum of moral elevation.

They are beings that take advantage of the decaying energy of endings of civilizations to suck it and intend to dominate this Planet. They are connoisseurs of advanced technology, dominate cybernetics, atomic energy and genetic mutations.

They know the natural sciences very well and are able to advance technologically in a short time, bringing various innovations that fascinate the most unsuspecting beings, those who only ambition for technical and material evolution and who do not have enough moral evolution to detach themselves from ambition and the insatiable quest for power.

They found in this surface humanity several open wounds through which the worms entered and are taking care of several sectors that dominate this Planet. There are pacts sealed some time ago with several powerful countries of the Earth.

They sought incessantly the domination of this Orb by war, political and financial power.

However, from a certain moment, these beings have advanced vertiginously in the field of genetics and atomic energy.

Men of the surface, leaders of diverse peoples ally themselves and subjugate themselves to these negative beings only by thirst of power and dominion. But the time has come to quickly cease this action, because there is a general evil and that advances to the point that you can not even imagine. There are creations of true monsters, beings left out of superior evolution and devoid of spiritual life; also the creation of dematerializing machines, of machines so powerful that they can compromise not only Planet Earth, but the whole Solar System.

There is a limit that has been imposed by the GFBU * and will be respected, at all costs. There is deep and serious work in this direction.

What the Fraternity asks of its servants is that there be detachment, that there be deep moral evolution and total integration to the work, so that they can be at a level that they are not reached by these beings. That they are vibrating in a range where they can be used during sleep for work and fighting. Brothers, awaken your conscience to the seriousness of this work. You know that the world is generally not interested in higher evolutionary work. Men are seized by the illusion of materialism, blind and lying waiting for only material riches. The awakening of these souls is hard work. We need your dedication, your constant commitment to evolve as incarnated spirits and to facilitate the arrival of the spiritual energies through you.

Have faith and trust. Now, more than any moment, it is necessary to give yourself seriously to work.

Whoever speaks to you through projection is your brother Setun Shenar.

Setun Shenar – Do you want to ask a question?

Margarida – There are other groups of negative beings acting, right?

Setun Shenar – There are several groups. Citation of this specifically is necessary because of direct influence on your science and technology. But there are innumerable beings, even allied with them who work and who want of any sort, to suck some kind of energy, to take some crumb from the wreckage of this humanity.

Have in your mind, openness enough, to realize that the decadence of this surface humanity is like wounded attracting countless insects who want to suck the remains of this unfortunate sore. Therefore, there is no other way but the intense suffering to initiate redemption.

You know that you are being intensely trained for the actions that are to be taken from now on.

Brothers and sisters, watch!

The Earth is as far away from the Higher Energies. It is very, very difficult the descent of higher energies to this Planet. There is an immense effort to communicate and bring information to us. Meetings of groups of people are necessary so that small messages can be issued. You know that all that can be done in the Upper Sphere to hold the Groupal together is done, but it takes a greater individual effort of the creatures.

May the Light be with you, may faith and perseverance not fail you. Brethren, we beseech you: take one step toward the High and the Higher Energies will journey miles and miles toward you. Be open because your humanity needs you.

If you could have a glimpse of the planetary situation, nothing would matter but the Spiritual Path.


Setun Shenar

Com. Substitute of the Great Being Ashtar Sheran
GESH – 12/03/1999 – Xique Xique do Igatu, BA – Brasil


*GFBU = Great Universal White Brotherhood.

Note: Message from divulgation 22

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