Planets that will house exiled lands


As usual, we focus and then I left the body. Next to me, I feel the presence of the extraterrestrial Ysh-Wam. To radiate over us, the light and brightness of the Com.Yury Patrol Planet. Its powerful magnetic force suspends us in the air and we fly into space. We traverse the earth's atmosphere and plunge into a circle of bluish energy. I believe it was a "portal" out of the Earth and is located on one of the poles, I believe the one from the north.

The astral changed completely after we passed the bluish circle. Everything became lighter and softer, the air thinner, though very dark. However, I see in the distance, seeing several suns shining, blinking, exploding. Their movements seem like a dance of rare beauty and give the impression that everything is alive.

We continue to travel through space, now freer, and without the rush of before. The Patrol Planet of Com. Yury no longer exerts so much influence on our movement and only a faint light envelops us, bathing our bodies. Ysh-Wam takes me by the hand and leads me on the journey. Mentally he informs me that we are going to visit planets far from Earth.

We pass through Jupiter and Saturn, we left our galaxy. I looked at it from a distance. It looked like spilled milk, full, speckled with golden glitter, glistening here and there. Simply fascinating vision.

Again, the Patrol Planet involved us with that same Light Force. We quickly moved to another round galaxy. As we approached, we dived head first and entered into his energy.

We crossed space, passed by nebulae, stars, planets, floating rocks similar to great mountains wandering. Others looked like giant white icebergs, floating loose in the air.

This trip was difficult for you to describe, for I did not even imagine it one day. What I saw never crossed my mind, even in a dream.

– We arrived – he said.

In front of me, I saw a planet similar to Earth. Then he said to Ysh-Wam: It looks a lot like Earth.

– We will enter into its atmosphere. Let yourself behave without asking questions or questioning as we are a long way from Home and should enjoy our excursion. He went on:

– The painful moments that the Earth and its humanity will pass through will mark deeply the spirits who struggle to free themselves from the passions, oscillating between truth and doubt, wishing not to believe but believing. They are good-natured creatures who, if they spent more time living on Earth, would be able, without great suffering, to surpass the primitive stages of evolution. For these, the Divine Mercy will grant a similar planet called Brother, in which the Sidereal Technicians will prepare conditions similar to those existing on Earth, so that, imbued with good intentions, these people can regenerate themselves and give continuity to the trajectory of life established by the High.

The atmospheric conditions, edaphic (referring to the soil) and water of the planet will propitiate the construction according to the current technology on Earth. Many of the existing equipment in the present terrestrial civilization, here will be reproduced.

– Eden paradise?

– Yes. It resembles the created image of paradise, but it is nothing more than pure nature, still untouched by human fury.

Also, influencer minds disturbed here will be brought into the physical body in order not to go mad, destroying the brain cells of the perispirit by the "oppressive force of the violent planetary transition." Unconscious of being a "new planet," they will be almost all the time with the distinct impression of living on Earth.

– Brother, can they not return to the vicious circle of domination over the planet?

– No, daughter, for those who live here will be selected sooner. It is only those who have already extinguished from their genetic spiritual content the genes of violence, domination and terror.

Let us now turn to another orb which will also receive waves of fallen or exiled.

We take the course of space again and enter a circle of ferruginous red energy. I had the impression that it was the incandescent aura of a star. I noticed that there was fire and heat in that star's atmosphere. However, these elements did not reach us, due to the protection we received from the Patrol Planet; besides, we did not travel in the astral body. Then we landed.

The planet was dry, arid and red. There were no living beings; nor plants, nor animals, only dry land, boulders, sand. There were only many volcanoes and fire everywhere.

– Brother, all of this here resembles hell. Where do these images come from in my mind? I've never been so catholic as to have them with me so alive.

– You have not been recently, but in your cosmic memory you understand the meaning, according to the apprehension and description made by incarnate minds, which the innumerable dwellings of the House of the Father were known and translated to the creatures on earth.

Some failed in their interpretations by exchanging their fidelity for what they saw by petty interest, passing on to men the idea of heaven and hell for eternal punishment, giving birth to the power of manipulation of the infantile and primitive consciences of the newly fallen (exiled) of other planetary processes.

– Who will come to this orb?

– Those who are bloodthirsty will placate the fury of their disturbance, while they will see and feel the burning of the miasmas and thought-forms clinging to their insane minds (Probably vampires, because this category of spirits causes all sorts of situations where there is bloodshed, not counting direct attacks on their victims.)

Soon after, we went to the Astro Intruder, the Hercolubus, because the time was urgent.

I could see it as if off the Earth.

There were monkey-like animals walking around, fighting each other with rocks, bits of wood, and other rudimentary weapons. I mentally began to make inquiries, which Ysh-Wam noticed and began to answer them.

– Already these reincarnations are beings of violent souls who have ceased incessantly, giving vent to the maddening fury of their instinctive nature.

– Are these beings that, in our battles, we see being withdrawn imprisoned in grids and deposited in Space Prisons Ships?

– Yes. Many go through a treatment period on our spacecraft, where their genetic characteristics are worked out to readapt in primitive environment in matter when next is the incarnation.

– Do they retroact?

– No. Nothing involute. We only channel the brute, violent force of their instincts into genetic modifications that present them with a phenotype differentiated from the more evolved human. However, they do not involute, they give only demonstration and physical flow of their animal instincts. Once they spend this primitive energy, they will return the astral body to the previous condition and after a new phase of treatment and evaluation, they will reincarnate again in much shorter time and with a similar appearance as the current one.

– Is this what happened to us on Earth when we were exiled from our home planet?

– Yes, daughter. The process is the same and therefore there were in the Earth different races evolving in different points of your orb.

I wanted to ask more questions, but he said:

– We will be back! For today is enough.



GESH – 26/09/2003 – Vitória, ES – Brasil


Note: Message from Divulgation 36

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