Three planets, three destinies interconnected for noncompliance with the Order and Law


Herculebulus, the Intruder or Hygienizer Planet, is intended to receive, as we have already said, a part of earthly humanity, still imprisoned by the disquieting carnal passions.

There, amid the still very dense atmosphere of the planet, they will give vent to the gross impulses, releasing in the matter the deleterious miasmas of their souls.

A world made up of victims and tormentors, will keep the cycle of the purifying karmic wheel, which again will give them opportunity to cleanse themselves from the ills of the spirit, until they can transmute their perispirit garments.

Those people who are destined to live on the New Planet will have to go to the Red Planet and the Intruder Planet to provide the charitable relief they should have given when they were still living on Earth. They will suffer greatly from the contact of the primary energies and the call of consciousness; due to the abandonment of their spiritual duties, in the most crucial times that the Earth passed.

To the contrast of the vibrations, faced in the two different planets, they will feel how much they could have given of themselves and did not do it and, at every moment, they will remember with sadness the wasted opportunities.

Three planets (the New Planet, Herculebulus and the Red Planet) and three destinies connected by the noncompliance of the Order and the Law.



GESH – 18/10/2003 – Vitória, ES – Brasil


Note: Message from Divulgation 36

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