Intruder Planet Will not Clash with Earth


I left the body and found Ysh-Wam, who held out my hand and lifted us upright toward the stratosphere. All around, the empty space gave an indescribable sense of freedom!

We crossed all the space between the crust and the boundary of the atmosphere, always guided by him, who ably deviated from dense dark clusters scattered on the path ahead of us.

When we finally emerged from the Earth's atmosphere, it made me see the sad scenery of our planet, wrapped in heavy dense clouds that moved and clung together, forming a layer that already prevented the sanitizing rays of sunlight from entering our planet in many points.

After a short observation, we went on in the solar system, crossing close to several planets, until, at the time of Uranus, in another dimension, I saw a celestial body of grotesque aspect, big and noisy.

It was the Intruder Astro!

It looks bleak and makes a hoarse sound. I see that, despite the enormous speed with which it travels, it is attached to two ships by strong cables, which remind us of our steel cables, preventing the influence of their strong magnetism on the magnetism of the other planets and their orbits. Its aura is aggressive, reddish-brown in color and emits aggressive energy rays at all times, as huge thorns grow on its surface.

I believe that Ysh-Wam meant the following:

The Intruder Planet belongs to another system, hence the intrusive name. It is in another dimension and revolves around a star stronger than yours.

It will not clash with the Earth, but will pass very close to it, causing it to sway and draw its axis towards it.

When it is very close to the Earth, it will cross the dimension where it is, and for a brief moment, it will materialize in the same dimension of the Earth. Then the Earth will begin to tremble and slowly its axis will move towards the star as it passes.

Every astral black plate scattered on the Earth will break into millions of pieces, which will be attracted and will cling to the atmosphere of the Intruder Planet. The Aura of Intruder Planet will act as if it were a vacuum cleaner that sucks all the dirt from Earth.

After all this process, the Earth will look beautiful, bright blue, looking like a very large blue marble set in space.

The Intruder Astro follows its trajectory. Passes off Venus and Mercury. When it arrives at the Sun, it suffers a strong repulsion, that sends it, again, to its true dimension and route.

Ysh-Wam tells us that in the moments when the Intruder Astro magnetizes the axis of the Earth, vertically, it will be vibrating in the same dimension of our planet, that is, in the third dimension. Only then will it be able to bring about the influence already described.

Ysh-Wam continues to clarify: The initial planning was for it to go on a collision course with Earth, but at the request of the Loving Jesus, Space Technicians began the work of slightly diverting the orbit traced, without there being a great alteration in its original route. Nevertheless, avoiding the destructive shock, causing only the anticipated disturbances and already divulged between you.

Also, through the intervention of the Loving Rabbi, your humanity gained the chance to know the future events so that, once again, it would have the possibility to rescue their souls from the exile.

Jesus is known in Sidereal Space as Pure Love and His Acts are always revealing His Majestic Essence and in favor of creatures, altering the events traced by the laws.

We ourselves have obtained the grace of the work that will represent quantum leap, impossible at the moment of transmitting it in human ideas. Like us, everyone involved in Planet Earth's Rescue will gain the opportunity to advance the scale of evolution of your original worlds.

Only Love is able to accomplish, with only one act, the enormity of blessings achieved by an enormous number of beings. Therefore, all honor and glory we render to the Most High, thanking Him for the task He offers us. This is so that you may know why we salute you in His name. He to all lovingly leads.

Save the Light of the Glorious Master Jesus!

Millions of beings attuned to the Host of Light and united by the aspiration of Planetary Peace, docile to our command, would be able, with the power of mantra vocalization, to withstand the magnetic influence of the Astro Hygienizer, as with the planets whose humanities are already more evolved than yours.

However, you well know that you would not be able to in due time, dedicate yourself to deep meditation and spiritual openness that would allow this opportunity. We would like this spiritual technique to have been developed by you. Unfortunately, most humans vibrate in dense range, which closely resembles that of the Astro, and these people will be inexorably drawn to it, as the filament is attracted to the magnet.

Only those who, having heard the Master's lessons, have raised their vibratory range to levels incompatible with that of the Intruder Planet are safe from natural degeneration.

You will say: but nowadays it is very difficult to rise to the vibratory band!

To which we will answer: you live not only a life and your history told by you, was also built by your own choices. You are authors and interpreters of your own fate, so you receive today the result of your story from yesterday.

Before the Father, you are nothing more than children in the early stages of development, to whom a new opportunity will be given, and from whom nothing will be withdrawn, that each one has not distanced himself from deserving.



GESH – 2005


Note: Message from the book “The Decayers and their Land Trajectory – Vol. I”

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