Master Ramatis clarifies our doubts


In response to an appeal from the GESH on the materialization of the Intruder or Hygienizer Planet, the Master, kind as always, has brought us clear explanations:


In fact, there is no materialization and dematerialization in the meaning of the term, but a "dimensional portal" will be opened, through which the magnetic action of the Astro Hygienizer will intensify, and will attract to itself, adhering to its newly formed planetary psychosphere, souls that should restart the cycle of painful incarnations there. These incarnations will purify the astral stains, serving themselves as blotters to drain the atmospheric miasms into planetary matter. They will act like sponges, cleansing with their own bodies the dirt adhered to the planet that will receive them.

Q – Who speaks to us? Is it Master Ramatis?

R – Yes beloved disciples, it is I who speaks to you. It is my strength that sustains you for the work of announcing to the world the revelations contained in the "Akashic Records" designed to keep the responsibilities due to every creature, people, civilization and planet.

P – How is that? Can other planetary records also be accessed through the Akashic Earth Records?

R – Little child, as you have already come to realize, the nature of the universe is simple and its organization is repeated in degrees and planes, according to the same pattern.

 If another planet is in a different dimension, it is natural that its records accompany it to the vibrational range and can not be engraved in the cosmic ether accessible to the band of your orb. However, all dimensions and planetary spheres interconnect through "registry ports", which very much resemble the links you know in computer science of your times. They are "doors" that, once opened, lead the researcher to the desired sphere. He can then from anywhere, anywhere in any universe, access the information he wants. For this you only need the "key" and authorization for such an undertaking.

Otherwise, the daring creature runs the risk of being embarrassed, subject to exposure of strong burns in his astral body, and can even cause him serious damages, especially to the eyes. It can, even when embodied, be thrown out of its mental orbit, risking to be disturbed in its mind to the point of madness. Or, to enter a dimensional portal and not to return, being a long period lost between dimensions, neither part of either of them until, through suffering, recognizing the untimely act that he practiced, raise a humble supplication to the Father and resume your trajectory from where he left off.

These are just some of the possible consequences to be understood by you.



GESH – 2005


Note: Message from the book " The Decayers and their Land Trajectory – Vol. I".


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