FAITH can not be marketed


Dear brothers.

Among you I have been, and among you I remain.

Do not seek liberation in matter. Cultivate the seed of transmitted knowledge to reap the fruit of faith.

Only faith will be able to free souls; and faith can not be marketed.

Your cultivation will give each of you the condition of freeing yourself from the fetters you have bonded along your journey toward progress.

Beloved, the hour is one of liberation, and many are hurrying toward the prisons that matter presents. Do not deceive yourself, only the spirit is eternal life, and life is liberation.

Raise your minds in this grave hour and seek the harmony that will open the eyes of the spirit, so that you see, beyond the material borders, what you are induced to see. Many are interested and lead your destinies in the matter, in favor of the spiritual ascent.

One finds in the immensity of the world the path of light reserved for each creature. Armed with cultivated faith, face the challenges, overcome the obstacles and come to Me, for I am waiting for the "great banquet".

The CREATOR, Infinitely Good, sends hasty Emissaries, whose warnings are being neglected, as many have done with the warnings of this CARRIER who speaks to you.

I was tried, condemned, and crucified so that the Sublime Lessons would find on earth the opportunity to develop and bear the fruits that each one could enjoy, nourishing the spirit to grow and to rise before God.

What have you done, brethren, with the lessons offered to you?

And what do you do now with the brethren who come from the spheres of Light bringing you the remembrance of unfulfilled tasks, of unfulfilled progress, and of bad unfulfilled tendencies? What are you doing?

Offer discredit and distrust.

And if they were incarnated, what would you do?

Do not spend your time in empty prayers.

Renew, by the force of the heart, the words devoid of meaning, departing each one from your own reality before accusing his brother. There is still time, for the Goodness of the Father is Infinite and gives you the opportunity for progress.

Time is running out! Those who have not understood will continue their lesson in another School.

Only the Will of the Creator is Sovereign and only to Him we must serve!

May love and goodness be with you and may peace lead your steps toward the Light. 


Jesus Sananda

GESH – 02/02/2008 – Vitória, ES – Brasil


Note: Message from the book “Messages from Jesus”

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