The Flame of Hope is always lit in the Universe



During the lecture I saw many spirits already deformed in appearance. Creatures brought in from the Cities of the Earth's lower astral. They came to hear the talk. There were many, and they filled the hall. Suffered in their majority, some, hardly stood up, but all were lucid. Although supported by the House nurses, they made a lot of effort.

In the hour of relaxation, I felt very strong the presence of the Master Jesus; and at the same time, intense light flooded the whole hall. His words sounded clear in my mind; were directed to the sick brothers who were there.

They were words of a true love that penetrated deeply into the souls of all.

He said:


The "flame of hope" is always lit in the Universe, for the light dispels the darkness, but the darkness will never extinguish the light.

Beloved brethren, keep within yourself the certainty of the Loving Presence of the Father, watching over each one of you and awaiting your return.

From the deepest abyssal regions inhabited by His Sons to the turbulent surface of the Earth, filled with unhappy spirits, organized in the practice of crimes, all receive from the Creator's Perfect and Loving Thought the magnetic waves of light that envelop their minds, sowing the seeds of change there.

To those who love and suffer for the loss of their loved ones, lost to the "Organizations of Evil".

To those who struggle to detach themselves from the evil harassment, without success.

To those inspired by the "Forces of the Good", they long to be free from the bondage of darkness.

And even for those whose hour of awakening has not yet reached the lucidity of thought, may they expect to be confident and dedicated to love their neighbor.

Look forward to a happy reunion that will not be long, for the untouchable "flame of hope" always shines in the Universe.

You can always progress, because nothing, nor anyone, will prevent a child of God from walking in the direction of His Father.

It is your Brother who tells you!

He who for you is the Way, the Truth and the Life.


Jesus Sananda

GESH – 12/06/2008 – Vitória, ES – Brasil



In uttering these words and with His Presence, the light radiated louder, making the unfortunate brothers who were there fall to their knees. Some rolled on the ground because of the heavy load of energy received. This energy helped them all in the recovery of their human form and in the faster recovery of their health.

Our brothers, Lightworkers present, were also benefited by the heavy load of energy and everyone was immensely excited.

After a few seconds, after the strongest emotion, John the Baptist (now GESJ Mentor), looking at the scene of the "rescued brothers" who were impacted by the strong light of the Adoration Master due to their still very precarious state of health, spoke to all:


And so my brethren, future Lightworkers will be born. Those who fell on the ground, before the Exalted Presence of the Christ, will begin their journey of "angelic ascension" through labor, devoting hours to the building up of the kingdom of God, wherever they may be.

John Baptist


The strong emotion still engulfed the people for some time, until gradually the clarity in the place returned to normal, and the ill brothers were taken to infirmaries. Everyone went back to work.


Note: Message from the book of Master Jesus.

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