Evil is born in the hearts of men


In the hearts of men are born all the horrors and evils. Such actions begin to vibrate in their minds, in the basements of their consciousness, and are later materialized in the form of execrable violence, vicious betrays and torments.

The unbalanced in the Abyss walk in the midst of a humanity unprepared spiritually for the confrontation with such evil force.

It is not God's will for men and women to plunge into a mud of error. The creature chooses between striving to free himself, practicing the love taught by Jesus, or diving into his own unconscious, seeking there the devastating psychic forces of errors, evils and hatreds, stopping or further aggravating the deformities of the soul.

We have been working in abysmal regions, where hideous, deformed and perverse beings inhabit and circulate freely. There we have labored with the Servants of Jesus, together with the Army of Christ, in the necessary and urgent cleansing, enlightening, rescuing, aiding and releasing these human beings, our brothers.

We have led you, friendly souls, through the sticky and dangerous paths that lead to the field of the Beast. The Light Army, slowly, over time, has been undermining the dark field with Focuses of Light that will intensify in the moment God has devised for the withdrawal of the Beast from the Abyss. Slowly, the Beast is rising by force of Hercolubus. However, at the moment of the "great struggle" (Armageddon), the Focuses of Light planted around and nourished by the Higher Minds will be illuminated at the same time, assisting the Servants of God, the Workers of Christ, in the great liberating struggle of the Earth.

I am Rochester, your brother.

Let's keep working, because only then will we achieve the greater goal of evolution.

Hail, Jesus!

Hail, the Master of Light!


Conde Rochester

GESH – 08/12/2018 – Vigil in Jacaraipe, Serra, ES – Brasil  

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