Prepare for charity work day and night


May the peace of Jesus be with us!

The incarnated human mind refutes the idea of the immortality of the soul and the continuity of life after death, for the dogmatism of religions instills in people fantastical visions of eternal reward and punishment like heaven and hell, and there are others who believe nothing, doubting the greatness of Creation.

There are few who, believing in the survival of the spirit, seek to connect with the Workers of the Invisible Spheres while they are still incarnate.

Night after night, Jesus' restless laborers roam the earthly homes in search of laborious hands to assist them in the various tasks of the invisible plane.

Spiritual hospitals are filled with unbalanced spirits from matter, creatures who have lived absolutely unaware of the development of the spirit, vibrating in matter and enjoying all that could give them pleasure. And finding in death the darkness of knowledge, lost and far from the Light of the Gospel which they denied, wander at the mercy of their own obsessors and cruel evil spirits.

Those who reach the spiritual hospitals are quite sick, completely unbalanced, psychically and fluidly. In these places of charity, there are scarce active workers, where the incarnates - even - could very much contribute in helping the brothers of humanity, working actively while their physical bodies rest of the daily toils.

However, those who could contribute remain deaf and blind to the appeals of friends from beyond the grave. Like their disincarnated brethren, they set out in search of the same sensations and are attracted vibratorily to places compatible with their less worthy impulses or lining up with their disaffected ones, seeking to revenge themselves, attaching itself to the evil. Few are those who, awakening on the invisible plane during the hours of sleep, join forces with the Good in redemptive work.

Brothers! Try to transform yourself while you are on the physical plane, converting your negative feelings and your defects into positive emotions and actions of charity. Adjust to the fullest, to the Sublime Chords of Jesus and His Gospel. Acting like this, while awake in matter, you will also be a servant of Jesus when disconnected during sleep.

Hasten your steps towards your own transformation, for the planet accelerates its movements towards a new dimension - superior - and the brothers who remain stagnated in the lower vibrations will be doomed to planetary exile.

Emanuel with you, brethren.

Spiritists confreres, free yourself from prejudices. Open your minds to the occult and work in the name of Jesus, for the charity you practice in vigil, likewise, you can toil while you sleep.

Do not refuse to progress with Jesus.

Hail, Jesus!



GESH – 08/12/2018 – Vigil in Jacaraipe – Serra, ES – Brasil

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