I come to you to instruct you according to the guidance of your Guides, Masters and Superior Hierarchies, about the battles you are fighting in this and other plans.

Do not keep your hearts in vain pity in the combat that you wrestle against the dark. Often it is necessary to crush the enemy so that he understands that the lower energy employed in the attacks against you, your Group and other Working Groups of Good, ceases at that moment.

Have no pity in battle in attack and defense, for at the level you are in the battles you participate, power over life and death is not within your reach.

When you attack the enemy, seemingly exterminating the life, you do nothing more than put an end to the inferior energy used for the attack, represented in the form of the attacker (our observation: snake-shaped humans, caterpillar, monkey, dog, bat , scorpion, spider crab and others).

Therefore, when it is necessary, attack with all the forces that you have, for it is necessary that each Being that still lives in the shadows verifies and establishes the Higher Power of Light in ceasing to them the inferior energies and, consequently, weak energies that still dominate their souls (our observation: when they apparently fall dead, the natural tendency is to resurface with a less aggressive and deformed form and this takes time).

You are in fact under the Command of the Father, in the educational service of these sister souls, but still ignorant.

Your attack and your defense represent educational lesson and learning for those brothers.

May in your hearts by impelling the combat, there be love for each one of them, but also the sincere Love flourishes for all the creatures, for all the humanity and the certainty that your fight is in the service of this Love.

Do not doubt it. Many battles like this have been fought and still others will come.

Many of these beings are exhausted, yet they are still alive in their inferior representation (animal forms and others without definition) and equally exhausted are the warriors of the Light who undertake energies in the struggle. However, at the moment of exterminating the opposing combatant, they fear to take their life.

The balance is an immense expenditure of energy, for the time you need to regain your strength is much greater than that which is necessary for such combatants to refocus and initiate new attacks.

On many battlefields we have noticed a certain disadvantage and the need for continual exchange of our contingent to replace those who are weakened and can not return to battle.

All this is happening because of your zeal and piety, hence my coming today to clarify to you that in these cases there is no place for compassion.

I make myself available for questions.

Margarida – My Brother, these battles are fought on the spiritual plane when we are asleep. Will we remember this orientation at the time of the fight?

Yury – When we communicate through intercourse, not only do your material minds receive impressions of our presence, but also your other bodies (according to Hindu scholasticism, we have 7 bodies that enclose the Divine Spark = Immortal Spirit) are impregnated by the message we bring and occasionally we need to convert into intelligible words for your brains. On other levels, your astral and mental bodies are impregnated with the messages that we have passed on and not just this one of today, but all that we have brought to you in the course of time.

Often only the presence of beings of the Higher Hierarchies is able to impregnate your bodies without necessarily uttering any vocal manifestation of what they wish to convey to you. Do not worry about it.

M – I understood perfectly what you, brother, just said.

Y – When you detach yourself from the physical body and make yourself available for work, you are often distributed on the battlefields of greatest need.

You do not necessarily fight for your Groups, with your Groups. An approach of two or more combatants of the same Group is maintained so that you can strengthen the energy you bring from the work you do on the earth plane.

You are distributed according to needs in the same way that the blessings resulting from the task set up groups according to the need, merit and justice of the FATHER.

M – Thank you, Brother, for undoing the darkness of our spiritual ignorance.

Y – Your group, having received the grace of ascension you can expect, as soon as the progress of group growth is discovered, it will be heavily attacked with new strategies, new invests and more strength according to the ambitious gaze of the persecutors. However, between this moment and that there will be time for the strengthening and consolidation of your ideals on the level in which you are.

The one who works in the Light has nothing to fear because in all the Universe the presence of the Masters of Light watches over you; it does not even make it necessary for you to lift your minds to call for help, for the relief is already underway even before you need it.

M – At this time, we took the opportunity to thank everyone who directed and supported us and who gave us this magnificent opportunity to work in these final moments of planetary transition.

We know that our victory, as you say is happening, is due precisely to the support, love, tenderness, and assistance during the 24 hours that our older, more experienced Brothers have had for us.

Our gratitude is infinite; there are no words, at least here, that can express it.

May God bless us today and always.

Yury – Never forget, brethren. We find ourselves at war on this planet and in war there are only two sides.

Go forward fighting for the side you have chosen to stay, keeping your mind on goal and your heart in love, with humility and respect for your adversary, but without mercy.

The Father's Mercy will take care of the rest.

May God bless us in this war and, victorious in the end, we may raise the flag of Peace, covering the whole Planet for the new beginning.

Margarida – So be it.



Commander of the Planet Patrol
GESH – 29/01/2000 – Vigil in Jacaraipe, ES – Brasil  


Note: Message from divulgation 25

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