Current of Peace


Peace on all sides! Peace also in your hearts!

Sisters, the serious events accelerate the process of imbalance of the planet.

More than ever it is necessary to summon ALL men of good will, in a human effort to restore balance in the midst of chaos.

It is possible to be done, but it is necessary for ALL to desire peace and to seek it through their minds, because unwise minds begin to be influenced in the desire for war, disturbance and hunger.

More than ever we need balanced minds where fear has no shelter.

The events will come, however, the more we can postpone them, the pain and suffering on earth will be reduced.

Pray Earthlings, and in your sleep place yourself at the disposal of the Forces of Light composing the Armies. Get the White Flag of Peace and work for Good.

We need all the help.

We are with you, as we affirm, and will be with you until the end. Stand with us, together with us and together we will fight the darkness that wishes to cover the Planet.

Your Commander.


Ashtar Sheran
GESH – 15/09/2001 – Vigil at Coqueiral de Itaparica – Vila Velha/ES – Brasil


Note: Message from Divulgation 29

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