Family Rescue


The time has come when past mistakes need to be corrected. For some, it is a time of pain and suffering and, in this respect, many earthly encarnated are tearful.

For others, time is for sacrifices in favor of reconciliation, another way of facing the same ailments that reach everyone.

It depends on each being, to imbue their gaze with the feelings of despair or hope, according to the disposition of the feelings that exist in their hearts.

We can say that the pains of today are derived from the mistakes of the past and should be regarded as a bitter remedy that heals the sickness of the soul.

In the case of this family rescue, there is a convergence of factors that predispose an intense influx of deleterious energies, attacking all involved.

Lots of patience, resignation and courage.

Answer the evil with the good. The more the whip of adversity lashes out the frailties of human life, the more these spirits must bow down before the Father, begging for forgiveness, and offering of themselves time and labor to the less fortunate.

From the heart, give sincere love to one's neighbor, relieving the pains of those who circulate around the world, abandoned.

Faith and resignation. Courage and renewal of thoughts.

Happiness is not of this world, for sowing is free, but harvesting is obligated. 


Dr. Cruz

Chief Medical of the Medical Staff of GESJ

GESJ – 14/08/2007 – Vitória, ES – Brasil


Note: Message from divulgation 45

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