PREJUDICE AND DISCRIMINATION - No one is better than anyone else


Save! Save!

It needs a lot of work to unify.

To call the spiritists, and hand in hand, to work, but to work better.

Prejudices get in the way. No one is better than anyone else. We're all brothers. Accept us, we just want to work and make up for lost time in ignorance.

We can help, we have skills and other knowledge. We know how to use the etheric forces of Nature.

Before we used the knowledge of the Forces of Nature for evil, now we want to use this knowledge for Good, but you have to let us, give us chance, help for us is charity because we can recover the debts that we incur by helping those in need.

(Ps.: and we add: it is by helping others that make us also helped.)


Exu Mirim

Congress, Convention Center, Vitória/ES, Brasil, em 30/09/2001


NoteExu Mirim – Worker spirit who presents himself as a child. They are rebellious, disobedient and willful. They do not want to be evangelized. He who has manifested already wants to change the course of his life.



I know the message above will cause a lot of controversy, fiddling with the heads of many people, but it is a spiritual reality still unknown to many.

From the time I was 13 years old, I attended spiritist sessions in Salvador / BA. I soon understood the process of incorporation and indoctrination and the difference of personality of the spirits in varying degrees of spiritual vibration.

Throughout my 78 years (Margarida disincarnated in 2014, at age 91) I have already spoken with many spirits of exus and pombagiras and some of them, so deformed and rooted in evil, could not sit in a chair or speak Portuguese. But we understood each other very well, for in these moments, showers of love, understanding, affection and compassion for these suffering and unhappy brethren depart from my mind and heart. So it has been with spirits of Indians, angry and full of hatred, with black ex-slaves who died of ill-treatment, maimed, hunger and horrible tortures. I went through real initiation in this area.

All who passed through us were kindly helped and after the dialogue were properly referred to a spiritual institution appropriate to their treatment and subsequent recovery of their former form and sanity. Today they are our faithful, dedicated, tireless, hardworking companions as we call them. They give their all to redeem themselves by performing their tasks entrusted to them in the Great Seara of the Lord Jesus with good will.

Remember, they are people like us, and how gratifying this practice of anonymous charity is.

Do not forget, my dear spirit brothers who are afraid or prejudiced to receive these human beings in their homes of charity, from the words of the One who was the most loving, compassionate and charitable Being that lived on the face of the Earth: “the sick ones are the ones who need medicine".

These poor people are sick of the soul, our brothers, children of God like us and for this there are Spiritist Centers to provide this service, even to the two planes of life.

Are they working within the postulates that so much claim: "the original purity of doctrine"? Kardec said: "Outside of Charity there is no salvation."

In my view, the only charity that can and should provide this kind of spiritual service is the Doctrinal Spiritist Center. I bet that if Kardec was present in Brazil now (the mixture of three races: white, black and indigenous) directed a Spiritist House, an intelligent man and a profound researcher as he was, he would let any kind of spirit enter, for charity and acquisition of more knowledge about the subject.

This is what we do.



Note: Message from Divulgation 30

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