Our imperfections


Many of you have been with us and have been trained for the task you now perform with the homeless (it refers to Shelter Servants of Jesus). Your task will be arduous to the end, do not doubt; yet you already have in your hearts the spark of light capable of providing the strength necessary to bring it to fruition.

What you need most for the moment is not of our help, but of fighting against your imperfections that represent the sparks capable of provoking the fire that was premeditated.

The charitable aid which you can offer in this case to the most destitute of fortune is what you have of least relevance to perform, for in one way or another they would be rescued by mercy from Divine Action.

You are the true underdogs who, despite everything, still have some snags in the work you are invited to do.

Overcoming your own insubordination to the intentions of the Father, overcoming your own pain, despair, disenchantment ... it is up to you and you have as a resource the service of charity.

Learn to serve and you will realize that there will no longer be needs to be met in you. You will intimately experience Peace and be free to follow Master Ramatis.


Hercílio Maes

GESJ – 21/07/1997 – Vitória, ES – Brasil


Note of the channel – After the message, I asked to see him and he allowed me to turn around, but I could only see a white robe. I forced myself a little, but without success. I felt him smile and look at me like a father looks at a child who wants to do something beyond his strength.

I felt new embarrassment and his hand rested on my head. After that he floated up into a spaceship that was suspended in the air. I did not see him again. I had the impression that he was holding something in his right hand that reminded me of a candle or lamp, something related to light.


Note: Message from Divulgation 25

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