"Brasil, Heart of the World, Homeland of the Gospel"


Dear Sister Margarida, through this channel, since I am not anymore in the physical plane, I come to thank you for the blessed help destined to me from the Friendly Spirituality of  Servants of Jesus Spiritual Colony.

I still remember the day I went up that ramp (it referes to the ramp which gives access to the second floor of our House), helped by two doctors from the spiritual plane.

Lost, I could not understand the reason of my death. It was due to politics causes now I am sure, because I fought a lot for the democracy in our country. Back in that time I suffered over the political persecution.

But, with divine blessings I am recovering myself and today, together with some politician companions that already manifested themselves here in this Group, I work in the cleasing and reconstruction of the National Congress in the physical and astral planes.

My Sister, you can not imagine how it meant to me the look you directed to myself when I was passing through your State. In that moment, I could not measure the value, the immensity of such gesture.

Being now in the astral plane I know it was a call for the fight, for the restoration of order and Peace in the Earth.

We know each other from past lives; we were militants or guerrillas, as we would say. However, today we fight in favor of the army of Christ, in favor of a egalitarian world, fair and peaceful.

Both me and Getúlio, JK and Tancredo know how difficult it is to end the widespread rot among most parties and their respective political representants.

However we do not give up. We have the pure conviction that we will see our nation, Brazil, shining in the New Age as the Motherland of the World.

We must have a Brazil free of external debts, free of inflation, free of corruption, free of inequality, and free from impunity and injustice.

Through Brazil will be distributed all strength, light and love to support other peoples, in their progressive journeys. Here, everyone will find a safe haven so that they can re-establish themselves and move on in their tasks, in the construction of cities, states, etc., in other regions of planet Earth.

As our valued friend Humberto de Campos says: "Brazil, Heart of the World, Homeland of the Gospel".

We continue, always confident, in this work of cleansing, in the physical and astral planes of the Planet, serving with love.

I say goodbye, saluting you, in the name of the Light.


Ulysses Guimarães

GESJ – 07/12/2010 – Vitória, ES – Brasil


Note: Message from Divulgation 59

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