Set your souls with Jesus


Hail, Jesus!

Few know how to work for the benefit of the needy neighbor, with spontaneous self-giving, giving up everything around them, sacrificing and giving up small moments of pleasure in life.

You know me as Sister Dulce. I have performed tasks with you in your Home. I was distinguished by the Eminent Masters, responsible for this great work of the Servants of Jesus.

We humbly work with you, in tune with the work on the physical plane. You know that the attacks come and always find unprepared and vulnerable brothers who are not yet attuned to the task they are doing, mistakenly believing that the charity work they do is a favor for the institution.

They do not see the greatness of stripping themselves of any remnants of barriers, of surrendering to the fulfillment of their tasks, whose greatest beneficiaries will be those who, in tune with Jesus, sincerely dedicate themselves to the fulfillment of His Lessons of charity and love.

He who is engaged in the tasks just waiting to receive in return the benefits he often receives even without deserving, has not yet found his place as the Servant of Jesus.

Brethren, adjust your souls to the teachings of the Master Jesus, so you may walk safely and with faith through the dark and dangerous paths of the Planetary Transition.

Jesus is with us and His Love, His Light and His loving Presence sustain us, in all our times of existence.

Hail, Love!

Hail, the anonymous charity of the Servants of Jesus!

Hail, Jesus!


Irmã Dulce

GESH – 14/12/2018 – Vitória, ES – Brasil   

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