We are parts of God


May the peace of Jesus be with us!

Walking on earth imbued with the desire for renewal, without wearing the costumes of humility, detachment from earthly goods, self-denial and compassion brings greater resistance to the last-minute journeyman.

Do not judge, brethren, in order to attain divine virtues in only one existence.

In multiple incarnations, the spirit chops the storms of vices, selfishness, pride, vanity. In multiple existences, it prepares for the final stage, when it will then give the definitive leap to the dimensions of the Light.

There are many traps that the physical world prepares for the easygoing travelers, many tentacles dynamized in the furnaces of the lower astral plane, which join the soul in the cliffs of the spiritual falls.

Embracing the Gospel of Jesus is the greatest resource for the itinerant soul to climb the ladder that transports to the Greater World.

For millennia, mankind has been prepared for the storms of the Apocalypse, for the planets and the humanities experience their evolutionary stages. However, all are given opportunities to strengthen their souls before facing their ultimate trials.

Each soul travels long or short paths according to its desire for change and progress. However, all will reach the core of Light of evolution.

The Earth lives a special moment! The terrestrial globe, as a living being, full of force and light, vibrant of life, accelerates its rotation to climb the evolutionary leap. And humanity, prepared for millennia for that hour, also suffers the process of selection of the Last Judgment.

Those who are to the right of Christ will enter together with the planet in a dimension of peace. Those to the left of the Christ will be transferred to planets compatible with their vibrations, still delayed. This whole process is the natural law of the evolution of beings and worlds. You are not privileged or punished by the Creator! You are only living the "end of a planetary cycle of atonement and trials".

The chaos, pain, war, violence and barbarism experienced in the Apocalyptic Land are the fruits of your choices, your actions, thoughts, words and feelings contrary to the Law of Love. Therefore, beloved brethren, take the reins of your destiny for yourselves.

Jesus is with us, He never forsaken us! And it is in your dependence to adhere to His Divine Light so that you are propelled to the Regenerate Planet.

The negative impacts of this hour, the catastrophes that occur all over the world, making the creatures to take the flight of ascension or fall, are events foreseen by Sidereal Technicians who, together with Jesus, shaped and concretized Earth, a planet of fights, of ascension opportunities for spirits in lower stages of evolution.

But the time has come for these spirits to lift new flights.

All creatures have Guardians, Guides and Protectors, who listen to their souls and whisper in their ears the words of comfort, hope and love to sustain them in the process of pain. You are not abandoned, nor subject to Divine wrath.

God is in us and we are part of Him.

Renew your strength, courage and faith, to supplant the trials and achieve the dimension of Love.

I am Augustine, your brother.

May the Divine Light sustain you, support and lead you to transformation.

Hail, Jesus!


Saint Augustine

GESH – 02/03/2019 – Vigil in Jacaraipe – Serra, ES – Brasil

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