A mother of a drug user’s supllication


Thank you God!

Thank you, Master Jesus, for the hands that spread the food for those who are in the streets, forgotten of families, forgotten of their loves!

When incarnated, I received as programming, beings that I should direct to a correct and with high moral life.

Early on, as a child, the Promised Comforter was introduced to me, but I found those teachings very weak, which did not correspond to my longings.

Married, I had my children who, while incarnated I thought they were the source of my sufferings. I received in my womb a victim of my past mistakes, who soon entered drugs and I, for not remembering that I was offered the revealing doctrine, tried suicide more than once, wanting to escape the test that I had chosen for myself, thinking that this son was the source of my pain. Ignorant I was, I did not realize that it was the door of my cure, the solution of my problems.

After time, I disincarnated. Not by suicide, but by the consequences of it. Today, when I see the sisters coming through that dark corridor, I see my son there and you doing the job I was supposed to do, like talking about Jesus, showing that there is human kindness, that they are not forgotten. They offer the food that will support their bodies, give them dignified conditions through hygiene products, dress the bodies exposed to humiliation.

I pray to God that my son is always there when you arrive, but sometimes I see him fleeing in shame, because he does not have the strength to face his life, since I as a mother have been weak.

Again, I ask the brethren to bring him to participate in the circle of Light that is momentarily extended to all of them when you do this work, and may him be touched. I do not know if he will have the strength for it, but it is a refreshment for the souls of all of them. If my son cannot be there, I join with the other mothers so that, at some point, there will be the awakening of their children.

Every time the sisters enter the drug valley, it is Christmas that comes to those brothers who are left out of the family, society and dignity.

Thank you, Master Jesus!

May in the next incarnation I receive this child in my womb and make him a worthy being called "son of God".

Thank you, my good God!

Thank you!


Mother of a drug user

GESH – 07/12/2018 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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